Best Multimeters Reviews of 2019

Multimeters are helpful tools when it comes to detect any electrical problem and they are more and more requested because despite seeming difficult tools, you only need to be clear on the basics of electricity to use such a device. This only applies for a beginner on a handyman, of course.

Best Jump Starter Reviews of 2019

Jumper starts are portable batteries that have as a main purpose jump starting most of the vehicles and that a true life saver in a roadside emergency, especially when you are in a trip. Most jump starters do more than just starting a car and their most useful features are: having a 12-Volt output for you to charge essential electronics like a phone, laptop and electrical blanket when you are away from a power sources, having a USB port for charging phones, tablets, flash lights and other accessories, providing at least 120-psi for situations when you have to deal with an deflated tire, featuring a high-quality, bright, dual LED flashlight that can be rotated and has an SOS mode for emergencies, and, very important, that lasts more than 100 hours on full charge.

Best Reloading Press of 2019

It isn’t a secret that most people like to use guns and to shoot, in nature and during hunting, obviously. An interesting fact is that most professional hunters like reloading their bullets by themselves. This brings two advantages. One is the price, reloading your own bullets is far more affordable and the other advantage is related to the precision and accuracy, simply because reloading allows you to mix various components, as you prefer. The end result will be a perfect bullet, reloaded according to your specific specifications.

Air Compressors Reviews

There is a reason why most professionals from mechanics to house renovators use air compressors: they are relatively cheap and they allow you to buy a host of air powered power tools that cost a fraction of what their electric or gas counterparts do. Of course that is the reason why most do it yourselfers do not buy one since they believe only at a professional level it would make sense to buy one. However there are some compressors on the market that are so affordable, you can make your money back with the savings from the first 2 power tools you would buy afterwards.

Best Angle Grinder

If you currently own a car that is older than 5 years, there is no way you can try to fix anything of significance about it, without having an angle grinder at hand. After years and years of rain, heat, and snow, every bolt on the car will be seized, you can be sure that there will be signs of rust here and there, and there will be certain the situations where all the WD-40 in the world will not be enough.

Best Bench Vise

It is almost funny how even the smallest children associate the idea of working in a garage, whether you are building a tree for or working on your car, with a bench vise; and yet there are few enthusiast do-it-yourselfers that actually consider investing in a good quality bench vise. You may think that the one you currently own, and that has been passed down from your great-grandfather, is still up to scratch, or you may think that you do not really need one. But the fact remains that the good quality bench vise may actually save your life because it is the cornerstone of do-it-yourself safety. You can use it to hold on to things why you are cutting them in a much better and safer way than just by putting your foot on top of them or having a friend/son hold on to the. You can use them as counterweights and they give you a lot more precision when drilling holes through wood or metal. But the place where a bench vise really comes into its own is when manipulating metal.

Best Dual Action Polisher

There is literally no better way to improve the way your car looks, and do it on a budget, then by polishing it. Polishing can bring back to the original color, it can make it vibrant again, it can make it pop, it can get rid of minor scratches, and it can get your car looking as beautiful as the day it came out of the factory. However there are a couple of things that you need to understand about the polishing process, the most important one of which being that it can also ruin your car to the point where only by going back to bare metal and doing a full repaint can you fix it back up.

Best Portable Generator Reviews

A portable generator is a perfect solution if you need electricity in remote locations, such as forests, mountains, and even deserts. The first fact you should know is that all portable generators use petrol or diesel in order to produce electricity. In essence, they are small engines with additional rotor and stator, used for generating electricity.

Best Tire Inflator

There are several excellent reasons why it makes good sense to have a tire inflator in your car at all times, besides the obvious fact that it is a much more comfortable alternative that having to drive to the gas station every time you need to check the pressure in your tires. The first thing to take into consideration is the fact that having the precise factory setting pressure of air in your tires will allow you to have the best mileage.

Best Track Saw Reviews

A track saw is a small and portable tool that comes in many, different sizes and with many features. In general, they are designed to make long and straight cuts, but they are better than most circular or table saws, so they are commonly used by handymen and by those who need a high level of precision. While they are made for the same purpose, they work on a completely different principle than circular saws. On those machines, you must push a piece of board or a material in order to get a cut. A track saw is pushed in order to make a cut, so they are completely different. By pushing, you get more precise cut and you use less force. Also, a risk of an injury is lower.

Circular Saw Reviews

Anyone who has ever gotten serious about working with wood will know just how useful and important a circular saw can be. Used properly it can do the job of 3 or 4 other tools, and it can shave hours off your work time. One of the main reasons why a circular saw is so useful is you can bring it with you wherever there is a piece of wood that needs to be cut and do the job there. It is light enough that you can cut a rotten ceiling beam right on the ceiling, and it will make the cut clean enough that you can come with a replacement part and add it in without any extra hassle. Of course, the problem with most circular saws is that the lighter they are, the more powerful they are, and they more reliable, the more you have to pay for them. And whether you are making a leaving out of working with wood, or is just a hobby, you need to make sure that you can keep the price as low as possible.

Oscillating Tool Reviews

Today is a great day to begin a new project of improving your home, because we have so many new types of products on the market that it is almost impossible to decide which one you should buy. The one new thing that no enthusiast or entrepreneur should be missing from their tool box is an oscillating tool. It used to be that these things would only be good from sanding, but now, you can changed the sanding foot for a cutting disk or blade that you can use to make very delicate cuts straight on to the wall or floor surface.

Best Ratchet Set

There are many tools that both a home mechanic and a professional need, but there is one that is so essential, it is impossible to even think of a person as a mechanic if he does not have it, and that is the ratchet set. Long time mechanics will often have 3 or even 4 sets and each one will have an intended purpose, including the set that they are willing to lend out to friends and the set that they only use when working on their own cars or cars that are worthy of it.