Air pollution is something that we hear quite often, is a common place term nowadays, but, unfortunately, contamination of the air is still too much. One of the factors that cause air pollution is our car. Yes, the vehicle that takes you to your job or college every day, or your way to take a trip in the mountains to breathe fresh air.

Most harmful compounds released by a car are hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. All these three produce long term problems: hydrocarbons produce smog, carbon monoxide is really poisoning for any air- breathing animal and nitrogen oxides lead to acid rain and smog. To prevent all these happening, or, better said, to avoid contributing to all pollution, all cares need a catalytic converter. What this device does is to use a catalyst to convert all three harmful compounds in car exhaust into harmless compounds for the environment. There are millions of cars in the United States, and other millions in Europe, and not even counting the all the others, so imagine how much each of them is a source of air pollution. And, yes, for any problem a solution is there to be found. The stated create clean-air laws that restrict the amount of contamination released in the air and invention of catalytic converter. The catalyst’s job is to speed up the process of removing pollution and a catalyst is a chemical that makes a chemical reaction, faster, without it changing itself in the process. Effectively, three different chemical reactions are going on at the same time, or, depending on model, two reactions. Also, there are states that are very strict with the presence of a catalytic converter and it is important to have one of these installed on your car so you won’t contribute to the pollution and not be against the laws. We present you some of the best devices that can be installed easy and that are made of quality materials to guarantee performance.


Product Rating Price
Dorman 673-439 Exhaust Manifold with Integrated Catalytic Converter 4.3/5 $$$
Walker 16467 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 3.5/5 $$
Walker 54627 Ultra Domestic Converter 4.1/5 $$
EvanFischer Silver Powder-Coated Catalytic Converter 4.0/5 $$
MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converter 3.7/5 $

Dorman 673- 439 Exhaust Manifold with Integrated Catalytic Converter

This catalytic converter is durable, having a tubular construction made of cast iron or stainless that protects against cracking and, to last longer, it is leak-resistant. The unit comes with all the gaskets needed to complete the installation form start to the end and it has standard bolts to attach the catalytic portion to the existing pipe of your car. The gaskets include the exhaust manifold gasket, manifold to catalytic gasket, wiring and a down pipe. Also, for the protection of the houses this unit includes a heat-shield. The CARB approved stamp is etched onto a plate right in the front of the heat shield. To put the manifold together you will need a standard set of wrenches and a flare nut wrench to remove your oxygen sensors. The catalytic converter is a direct replacement and has exact and it is very easy to install: basically take off the old one and attach the new one. After the installation, it is normal to be a mist of smoke for a few days, in some cases, because the convertor has some oil and other substances on it in order to be kept in perfect form. To ensure that this catalytic converter is in conformity with all standards, a rigorous quality inspection has been undertaken.

Walker 16467 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

Offering a model designed for use on OBDII, 1996 and newer vehicles, Walker comes with a catalytic converter made to offer diversity and efficiency. To provide a premium performance, it has high technology wash coat and high quality metal load and a proper catalyst both material and design. Its inlet connection type: 3 bolt welded flange and outlet connection type: 2 bolt welded flange. It has enhanced oxygen storage capacity, flange to flange for a direct fit, with a width of 4.12Inch, body height of 4.12Inch, body length of 6Inch and with overall length of 15.5Inch. To provide more durability it has pipe heat shields and a body made of aluminum and stainless steel. Also, its OE-style flanges, brackets and hangers are thick, for more strength. Its diameter may be smaller than others, but that leaves some wiggle room, providing an easy install. The studs on this are not removable, they are welded in. You won’t face any problem upon installment, it comes ready to install and it’s designed to meet EPA Emissions Requirements.

Walker 54627 Ultra Domestic Converter- Non- CARB Compliant

This direct fit catalytic converter is made of high precious metal load for durability, has a high technology wash coat to offer performance and is designed for use on OBDII, 1996 and newer, vehicles. This unit will fit just like the original unit due to its flange to flange and direct bolts to existing exhaust. It bolts directly to the exhaust manifold on one end and the other end bolts to the section of exhaust pipe that goes to the muffler. It comes with the flange on both ends, but you’ll need to buy the gasket separately. It is highly recommended to change the converter only when the engine is cold, so you can avoid burning yourself. You can reach the bolts under the car, it’s not hard to do, but you should pay attention as you have to be flexible to keep the gaskets in. It does a great job at emissions and there will be no odor of sulfur at the exhaust outlet. This catalytic converter has a stainless steel and aluminized body and pipe heat shields in order to last long. Offering this performance and quality materials, it is easy to install fitting very well and it makes your car ready to go in a few minutes.

EvanFischer Silver Powder- Coated Catalytic Converter

This catalytic converter comes with all the gaskets you need to get it installed so it’s easy to set up and as it’s advertised to be a direct fit, this unit will actually fit like a glove for the models it is designed for. With a 40.5Inch overall length, the fine threads on the back exhaust are long and strong enough to attach any tail pipe. The item has dual inlet and a single outlet configuration, 4 oxygen sensors ports and 3-bolt welded type inlet flange-also includes the flanges and all you need, ready to use right out of the box, does not need cutting or welding. Because it is not CARB- Compliant, you have to consider that this product is not for sale in the states that you need one CARB- compliant. Also, you should blast all your bolts before attempting to remove the old pipe, because they do not come off easy. Made of quality materials, stainless steel catalytic case for better protection and silver powder-coated for durability and performance, this catalytic converter is very easy to install and adds efficiency to your work.

MagnaFlow 940006 Universal Catalytic Converter

While is an universal catalytic converter, this model covers a wide variety of vehicles, it has a direct-fit line applications that offer more efficiency when you install it, making the unit ready to set up right out of the box. It measures 16 inches from end to end and its body is 12 inches. Its construction is made of stainless construction, it is formulated for both gas and diesel and, for a tight bond, has steam welded close to the converter body. Depending on the size pipe you have going to the converter, if your pipe is larger the end of the converter then it will fit inside the main pipe, but it’s a set diameter base on what you select. It does not have an O2 sensor port: this port will be in your exhaust manifold or Y pipe and you should also consider that this unit is not CARB-Compliant. The connecting flanges are long enough to connect the catalytic converter. Installing this catalytic converter will help your engine run better and emission system work properly.


Some may consider carbon dioxide as a safe gas, because it is not toxic. However, it is not entirely harmless, it has a major fault: the primary cause of global warming and for changes in climate. This way, a catalytic converter is important to convert the pollutant gases into gases that are safe enough to blow out in the air without making any harm. To explain it simple, a catalytic converter is like a box bolted under your car and it has two pipes coming out of its construction, both connecting the engine and the exhaust pipe, or tailpipe. Basically, all the important action, chemical reactions, happens between these two major parts of the car. To successfully complete the process, inside the converter the gases flow through a dense honeycomb structure that gives the gases a bigger area to be touched by the catalyst and they are converted efficiently and quick. After purchasing one of these benefic devices, it is recommended to install it when the engine is cold, so you avoid burning yourself. Choose to be a friend for the environment and, in the same time, for the air you breathe.

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