Hedge trimmers are usually powered by electricity or petrol. Electric models can be divided as corded and cordless. We will be focused on those with batteries, therefore we are interested into cordless hedge trimmers. They are the best of both worlds. They are eco-friendly, quiet and they don’t have annoying power cords, same as petrol powered units. As you may know, they are currently the most popular type of hedge trimmers.

The first thing to consider is the battery. Even the best hedge trimmer, with the bad battery, won’t be useful. If you get a charging time around 5 hours and running time up to 30 minutes, this is a great deal. Look for models that come with 2 batteries in the package or those that can use the same batteries as other electric tools. By getting this advantage, you will get 1 hour of running time, which is more than just needed. The best cordless hedge trimmer must be capable of trimming your entire hedge on a single recharge. Another way, manufacturers may reveal how long a hedge trimmer can run on a single recharge is by showing you the trimmed area in square feet. Tip: Those with 3.000 square feet are a great choice. The length of the blade should be taken into consideration as well. Look for models with the length between 22 and 24 inches. They provide the perfect balance between the efficiency and the price, so they are great value for money. Don’t think that they are powerless. Newer models have highly efficient electric motors, so they are more powerful than you may imagine. All the models here will have all the features you are going to need, and something even more. In general, they are great choices.


Product Rating Price
DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer 4.4/5 $
BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 20V Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer 4.7/5 $$
BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer 4.7/5 $$$
Black Decker NHT2218 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 4.6/5 $$
GreenWorks 22262 G-MAX 40V 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer 4.3/5 $$$

DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

We will begin with the DEWALT DCHT860M1 hedge trimmer. It is one of the most advanced models of this type, so it is more focused towards professional applications or heavy-duty ones. One reason for this is the 40V Max battery and a high-power electric motor. Together, this model can cut even the thickest branches without a problem. The manufacturer claims that this unit has similar performances as gas powered hedge trimmers, so it is better than most other cordless version. The blade comes with dual-feature cutters and it is highly resistant to possible damages. Add the fact there is a hand guard and you will enjoy in trimming your hedge. You can get a running time of 80 minutes or 120 minutes (6 ah battery). The electric motor will provide up to 3.100 strokes per minutes, which is impressive. Note: This model has a friction clutch, which protects the transmission. Pros: • Running time. • Up to 3.100 strokes per minute. • Comfortable to use. • Great blade. • Friction clutch. • Modern and advanced model. • Easy to start and use. Cons: • It may be slightly more expensive. • Heavy (12 pounds).

BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 20V Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer

This is a completely opposite model than the previous one. First of all, it is far more affordable. It comes with the latest gadgets and technologies, but nevertheless, the price is extremely low. It is affordable, but it isn’t cheap. Thanks to the 20V lithium ion battery, it will provide up to 3.000 square feet of trimming, more than most homeowners need. Add the fact to come with 2 years of warranty, 22 inch long blade, and lightweight design, and you can deduct why this is the best-selling model right now. The construction is based on more expensive models, this manufacturer has to offer so you get 40% less vibrations, which is definitely something you need. All of this means that you can cut branches up to ¾ inches and you won’t get hand fatigue. Another reason, important for this claim is the weight. It weighs 6 pounds only, an impressive result! The bottom line is that you get a decent hedge trimmer, energy star rated, with impressive features and all of that at an affordable price. Pros: • Lithium ion battery lasts 2 times longer than NiCad batteries. • 40% less vibration. • Lightweight. • Great value for money. • 3.000 square feet in one recharge. Cons: • Battery requires precise use. • Some elements are made from cheap plastic.

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Adding more money will get you the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer. It is definitely a model that should be taken into account. The first fact, you get 6.000 square feet of trimming in a single recharge. The blade is 24 inches long, so it is slightly longer than most models from this price range have to offer. This model will cut branches up to ¾ inch, without a problem. We liked the wrap around the handle. In essence, this is a rotating handle that allows you to trim your hedge at any angle. Note: This feature is especially important if you have a hedge that has specific shapes and patterns. There are some additional things you should know. This unit comes with a power drive transmission. It is 2 times faster than conventional transmissions and it is far more durable. The second fact we will share with you is the battery itself. It will be fully recharged in 1 hour. Simply impressive fact! Pros: • Power drive transmission. • The battery will be recharged in 1 hour. • Modern design. • Rotating handle. • 6.000 square feet of trimming area. • Less vibration. Cons: • Low strokes per minute (2.400). • Blade lock ups.

Black Decker NHT2218 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Black Decker NHT2218 is another cordless hedge trimmer that features the latest features and has been developed for more demanding users. Nevertheless, it is affordable and a great value for money. You get a 22 inch long blade, dual-action unit. It is much faster than single-side versions and it has 40% less vibrations. This is definitely the feature to consider. We will add the fact that it is for the first time available in hedge trimmers from this price range. Cutting branches up to ¾ inch is possible and it is fun, thanks to clever ergonomics. The total running time will depend on the type of a hedge you trim, but you can get around 2.500 square feet of trimming area. Usually, this is plenty for minor hedges. One element we have to mention is the front handle. It is soft, comfortable and ergonomic. All of this will be more than just needed if you plan to pair this hedge trimmer with two batteries and use it for a few hours per day. Pros: • 2.500 square feet of trimming area. • 22 inch blade. • Dual-action blade. • 40% less vibrations. • Value for money. Cons: • No rotating rear handle. • Uses NiCad batteries.

GreenWorks 22262 G-MAX 40V 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The model here has to be one of the best hedge trimmers made by Green Works. Honestly, this is the best cordless hedge trimmer designed purely for people who pay attention to the details. Such as that you get a rotating handle that is different than earlier models have. It is massive and more comfortable, which in general, makes the entire trimmer better balanced and make trimming easier. A hand guard is another detail that deserves special attention. It is transparent, but very strong and resistant. The vibrations have been reduced, thanks to the new transmission and improved design/handles. This version uses 24 inch blade, so we can say that it is more usable than smaller models. It can also use two types of batteries, 29462 and 29472, which is a nice addition as well. Some interesting figures suggest that this is 60% less noise than gas powered hedge trimmers and it is 60% lighter. Both of these have a positive effect on the using and functionality. Pros: • Powerful. • Lightweight and quiet. • Instant start. • 24 inch blade. • Rotating handle. • Design. Cons: • Customer support. • Rotating handle requires time to get used to it.


The best cordless hedge trimmer must be able to help you trim your entire hedge as soon as possible and must do it without a problem. Yes, there are a lot of models on the market, but finding one that can provide precisely what we have mentioned isn’t an easy task. On the contrary, the models here are a newer version of already popular and highly rated models. In essence, they are the safest choice you can make right now. They are tested, used in real-life situations and they have passed all the test. We also liked the fact all 5 models are great value for money. There are no extremely expensive models here, but all of them will meet the toughest expectations. Let’s mention the latest, advanced features that were reserved for more expensive models, but now you can have them in these, great value for money models. Of course, each model comes with a charger and a warranty, so you can use it as soon as you get it.

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