If you ever heard “There is no such thing as a mechanic in a bottle”, well, now it’s time to let something prove you that is not correct, there is something that has the same action on the engine as a good mechanic has on a car, and that thing is a fuel injector cleaner. More horsepower, increased mileage, improved fuel economy and clean engine: these are not a fairy tale, these are the results of using a fuel system cleaner. It is true that how often you shall use one depends on your driving habits too, but you can use it every time you decide to change the oil in your car, so it will be a double benefit for your engine, or you can use it as a part of regular maintenance for the car and have it once a month.

The method that is the most recommended is to pour it in the gas tank before filling up so there will be a proper mixing for an efficient cleanse. It seems hard to believe that pouring something that costs few dollars will make things almost as new again, but all you have to do is give it a try. Right from the first time you’ll run a mile you’ll notice even in the way the engine sounds and in the way the acceleration pedal response at a slight push. Fuel injectors are like a heart that makes all power process. Clean injectors provide optimal function of the engine. A clean engine offers you peace of mind and a car that has no hesitation in starting and hitting the road like new. We present you five of the most used fuel injector cleanser, with the best action for your engine.


Product Rating Price
Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner 4.5/5 $
Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner 4.5/5 $
Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment - 1 Gallon 4.7/5 $
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner 4.5/5 $
Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication 4.5/5 $

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron Concentrate Plus is a high-quality fuel system cleaner that helps with restoring lost fuel performance. Ideal for cleaning combustion chambers, fuel injectors and intake valves, it has incorporated PEA (patented polyether amine) technology, being safe to use in all ethanol fuels. To help ensure maximum fuel economy and to avoid having deposits in your engine that cut off the efficiency with every mile, this fuel system cleaner can offer fuel stability up to an year. In order to restore a power and performance that may not be as intact as it was, it helps by removing all the deposits left behind by the gasoline travelling through the fuel system of your car. Chevron Concentrate Plus restores lost power, acceleration, operation of the fuel gauge sensor and lost fuel economy, also improving cold start performance. To keep your car in great function, it reduces engine surge, spark plus fouling and rough idles. It is capable to keep clean both old and new engines because any engine is designed to work at its best when it’s clean. By removing all the deposits left, this cleaner work molecule with molecule to destroy any deposit caused by low-quality gasoline.

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

Promoting accurate injector dosing and cleaning all the contaminations in a petrol injection system, this fuel injection cleaner is capable to keep your engine clean and your car ready to go. The model of the car for which it is suitable isn’t relevant because this cleaner works on all gasoline powered engines. You should use it every few months, depending on how many miles are you driving during a certain period, but many factors can influence such as, if you live in a cold area and deal with ‘stop and go’, there is likely to have more carbon built up and the same thing if you do short trips. You can use it every time you have the oil of your car changed, but, if you want to use it as a part of maintenance routine, you should use it also between the periods you change oil. This fuel injector cleaner eliminates starting problems, stalling and hesitation, offers a smoother idling, the throttle will respond better and the combustion will be cleaner. Also it will improve the economy of the fuel by reducing the fuel consumption. By removing carbon deposits and all the deposits from the fuel pipe, as well as from injection and inlet valves, this cleaner will help your engine to function perfect.

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment- 1 Gallon

In a larger size to last you more, this fuel treatment helps your engine to function well by cleaning and lubricating the fuel system and neutralizing low sulfur fuel problems. It does increase the overall performance of the engine, making it run smoother; the difference almost can be audible, especially by a professional and it makes a difference in increasing the gas mileage too, depending on your driving habits. Lucas Treatment will decrease the possibility of an injector replacement and will clean your engine from all deposits left behind by low-quality gasoline, the broken down deposits will be burned out in the cylinder explosions and expelled in the exhaust. This fuel cleaner can provide more horsepower, quicker response when you will push the accelerator, definitely noticeable especially when you’re going up on a hill. Using it, idles will get smoother, and is very important to have an engine in a good operation condition either if you’re planning a trip or if you use your car to go to work on a daily basis. By burning excess exhaust emissions, it will increase power and the life of pumps and injectors.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

With a quick and efficient action, this fuel system cleaner cleans fuel injectors, combustion chambers and valves, leaving a clean engine ready to go. With one package you can treat 20 gallons of gasoline, but, if you want to use less or on a motorcycle, you can cut dose by half or adjust the quantity to fit the capacity of the gas tank. Anytime you use the fuel injector it will have a lots of action but never make harm to your engine, and, depending on your driving habits, you can use this treatment once a month ore once in few months. It is a recommended method to add the treatment before filling so there will be a proper mixing. It clears the injectors, with all the way starting in the front of the gas tank. It will clean whole fuel system of your car, will open the clogged areas of the engine, fact that will be easily noticeable in all the power and the response when pushing the acceleration pedal the car is having again after cleaning. This fuel system cleaner restores the performance of the engine and gas mileage, increases combustion and power output.

Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication Injector Cleaner

Offering a smooth combustion and a great fuel system economy, Lucas 10003 is a fuel cleaner perfect for any engine. It is recommended to pour it before filling up, in this way it will have a proper mixing with the gasoline and there are marks on its bottle to show you quantity. It will last you for a few tanks of gas, depending on your driving habits and if you want to use it as a part of regular maintenance of the car or once in a few months. You can deposit it in your garage or even in the tool box in a car, but make sure it does not stay in the sun. It is a good upper lube for the valves; it can give a much nicer and powerful start to your vehicle and improve the mileage. The cleaner gets rid of rough idles and improves the fuel system economy, also cleaning the engine, valves and injectors of all the deposits left behind by low-quality gasoline. It lubricates the fuel system, neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems, allowing the engine to operate with maximum efficiency.


If you caught yourself thinking ‘Should I use a fuel system cleaner?” it means you didn’t have the chance to really see the results of one of these great treatments that usually can be seen at a local auto store. In that bottle with a colorful appearance may be the liquid that will make your engine less noisy, more powerful and definitely clean. When you are not sure what compounds are in the gasoline you are buying or if you fill up the tank wherever you may be thinking that all is gasoline and it will power the engine in the same way, you might be wrong: low-quality gasoline will leave deposits all over. Those deposits are not only harmful to the engine, but they can get together and form a clogged point and then things can get bad. Using it at least once in two months will offer a smoother running, more powerful- feeling engine, gains in efficiency and improved fuel economy. You will surely notice the changes and use a fuel injector cleaner again with no hesitation knowing the benefits it has for your car.

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