All car mechanics know a real value of an impact wrench, because they are the ones who must deal with rusty bolts that cannot be undone! This isn’t the main application of impact wrenches, but thanks to the torque they are able to generate, you will be able to undo the most difficult and the oldest bolts you can find. Although, using this tool is very simple, it is a complicated piece of engineering.

The main component is inside and it is a motor that generates torque, via the anvil and sends it directly on a bolt. The amount of torque is much higher than a human hand can do, so this is the main reason why impact wrenches are amazing and useful. At the same time, they can undo any bolt in a matter of seconds, while a person will require minutes! The secret of these tools can be related to a type of an impact wrench. The best impact wrench must be light enough, so it can be used a few hours per day, but it must be powerful, so it can undo the most difficult and the most complicated bolts. That’s why there are several types of impact wrenches, each one perfect for a specific application. They are usually divided on the power/torque source. Before moving on, pay attention to the types and make sure you choose a correct type. • Powered by the electricity- Corded or cordless impact wrenches can be categorized here. They are more than just useful, but for minor applications. • Powered by compressed air- These tools use air tank and a compressed air in order to create torque. • Hydraulic impact wrenches- They are the strongest, but commonly used in heavy industry. Now, we will show you which models are the best, at this particular moment. They should be on your list as well.


Product Rating Price
DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench 4.6/5 $$
Astro 1822 1/2 Nano Impact Wrench 4.6/5 $$$
Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench 9-16882 3.5/5 $
ACDelco ANI405 1/2-inch Impact Wrench Pneumatic Tool 4.4/5 $$
Ingersoll-Rand 231C 1/2-Inch Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench 4.6/5 $$$

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B 12-Inch 18-Volt

No matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find a better impact wrench than the DEWALT DC820B. It is the latest product of this type on the market, so it brings a few surprises. The main feature is the cordless power source. But, a battery and a construction are lighter than ever before, so using this tool for the entire day will be a piece of cake. Despite the lightweight feature, it can generate 1740 in-lbs. of torque, which is plenty for most applications. The speed of it can reach 2.400 rpm, so we should add that undoing any bolt will be quicker than ever. Still, we liked the most the quality of the case and the electric motor. Both of them are developed for the toughest applications, so we should add that this is the best impact wrench for professional applications. Replaceablebrushes are another reason why we think this. Note: This model comes with high-grip handle and it has a compact design, so we would recommend it for long and usages in narrow spaces

Astro 1822 12” Nano Impact Wrench

With the Astro 1822 12” Nano Impact Wrench the situation is completely different than the aforementioned Dewalt. This model is so small that it cannot be compared with other models. It weighs 3 lbs, so using it 24 hours per day is possible. We will add that the facts that the size is similar to a credit card, so the actual dimensions are 3.9 x 2.4 x 7.5 inches. An interesting fact is that this model is 50% smaller than other impact wrenches of this kind. The best part we saved for the end. The torque this model can generate is 450 in/lbs, which is plenty, but for minor and car-related applications. Don’t forget that this is an air powered impact wrench, so it is durable, easy to use and it will probably last for a century or two. Another, useful addition is the inward and forward settings. There are 3 of them in each direction and they make this impact wrench even better. At the end, we will say that this is the best impact wrench with weight and dimensions in this range. In addition: This is a semi-professional model.

Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench

This is the best impact wrench of this kind you can possibly find. It has a perfect mixture of the power, durability and additional features. At the beginning, we will start with the 3 pound weight, which is very low and definitely an advantage. After that, we must add 400 in/lbs. torque, which is another great fact. All of this can be obtained in your garage, simply because this model is air powered and it is perfect for home compressor kit. The design is also different than most models have to offer, so it is more practical, easier to use and it fits in your hand perfectly. Even a trigger button is designed on a unique way, so it is suitable for long usages. Add the rubber handle, and you will get a prefect impact wrench for everyday usages. Thanks to the inner components that have been tweaked for ultimate silence, this is the number 1 impact wrench when it comes to the sound it makes. It is so quiet that if you use it outside your car, a person inside a car won’t hear it. The last fact we should mention is the low price. Right now, the Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench is one of the most affordable tools of this type.

AC Delco ANI405 12-inch Impact Wrench

The AC Delco ANI405 12-inch Impact Wrench can be described in only a few words. It is a completely professional tool, so it comes with focused features for better functionality and longer durability. One of them is the case, made from aluminum. It offers incredible strength, but it is lightweight. This makes it perfect for long and rough usages. Twin hammer system is a useful addition as well that makes this model an even better choice. The speed it can generate is phenomenal and with 7.000 RPM it is one of the fastest impact wrenches in the class and definitely the quickest in this price range (it is a low cost tool). The fact it comes with 3 speeds for the forward and 1 for backwards, suggest how special this model is. It is far more than a simple tool for your garage, so we rated it as the best impact wrench for mixed usages. Additional facts include the air consumption of 3.9 CFM and 500 ft-lbs of torque, which is about 50-100 ft-lbs torque more than other models offer. The bottom line is simple. This isn’t a beautiful impact wrench, it is the one you will want to use daily, for any purpose you have in mind. It is tough, durable and it can withstand anything you throw at it.

Ingersoll-Rand 231C 12-Inch Super-Duty Air

The Ingersoll-Rand 231C Air Impact Wrench is a clever tool. It has been made to withstand anything you can think off, but at the same time to be lightweight. The manufacturer achieved this thanks to the construction made from aluminum and plastics. Of course, the most important elements are made from metal! The best fact about this model is the servicing. In fact, it is so simple to service that you can do it by yourself. After all, this model has only 2 pieces! The 425 ft/lbs of torque may sound non-impressive, but the speed of the 8.000 RPM does. Thanks to it, you will definitely complete any job quicker and easier than ever. The length is 7.2 inches, which is slightly more other models have to offer, but the weight is 5.3 pounds, which is also higher, but still in the range. Note: This is a heavy-duty impact wrench that can be used for commercial applications, so the price isn’t high. In fact, it is treated as an affordable model in this price range.


Now you have all you are going to need in order to get the best impact wrench on the market. Don’t forget that you will have to look for air or electrically powered impact wrenches, simply because they offer the best mixture of the price and the functionality. In general, electrical impact wrenches are very powerful, but their usages may be restricted. Air powered impact wrenches are powerful and they can be used for a much longer period of time. In any case, you will want a model mentioned here. All 5 of them are top of the range models, so they have more advantages but none of the drawbacks. The main trick is to choose the one correspondingly for your applications. There is no point in buying the least powerful unit if you are planning to use it for the most demanding applications. The last secret we will reveal is related to the quality of these impact wrenches. All of them are made to last, so they are DURABLE and strong, so they won’t have to be replaced after a short period of time.

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