Infrared thermometers are easier to use than regular thermometers and their accuracy is better, in a shorter time. The infrared light works just like the visible light, so it can be focused reflected and absorbed, and this type of thermometers use lens to focus the light from an object to a detector that turns it into heat. Reading an infrared thermometer is surely easier because now it has a display that shows the numbers exactly and some of them have an audio function that will read out loud some instructions to start measuring and then the temperature itself.

You can read the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and change between them as you wish with just a press of a button. Most infrared thermometers have a distance to the radio spot of 12:1, meaning you can measure the lowest and highest temperature in rage without exposing the unit or yourself to any dangerous environment such as freezing or boiling areas. Used for both indoor and outdoor, you can use such a thermometer to check motors, the internal components of electronics, the AC in your car, the temperature in the oven or in a room, all with a scan and a reading, al from a safe distance when needed. Even when dealing with moving objects such moving machineries or very hazardous areas, like the one with a high voltage, such a tool will successfully read the temperature. Providing accuracy and precision day and night, in cool or hot spaces, an infrared thermometer is the one to go whenever and we offer you five of the best infrared thermometers for you to find the one that suits your needs the best.


Product Rating Price
Tacklife IT-T04 Advanced Digital Infrared Thermometer 4.6/5 $
Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer 4.6/5 $
Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer Baby Room Thermometer 4.3/5 $
Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer 4.7/5 $
Nubee 8380H Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun 4.5/5 $

Tacklife IT-T04 Advanced Digital Infrared Thermometer

Offering great accuracy and a long power life, this thermometer has infrared technology incorporated that makes it handy whenever you need, either for a project, home repairs or when cooking. It is recommended to hold the thermometer far from the object with approximately 14.7 inches (36 cm) so you get the best accuracy in measurements, and also the laser should be overlap. You can scan the baking on the oven with the laser and it will respond fast, measuring the temperature of the baking. After you pull the trigger, it takes a second to turn on and its response is instantaneous, the digital display is easy to read. It has adjustable emissivity and the thermometer features with maximum measure function. It can measure from -58°F to 1022°F (- 50°C to 550°C), it is powered by 9V and its power life can last about 12 hours. To switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit you have to press the backlight °C or °F and hold for a while. It can safely measure the temperature above freezing and boiling points for more safety. Suitable for both outside work or inside, like in a professional kitchen or bath, this digital infrared thermometer will work very well on a regular basis for cold or for hot.

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

With its laser guidance and versatile design, this thermometer is the tool to go with for accuracy and rapidity. Its temperature range is between -58°F and 716°F (-50°C and 380°F), the distance to radio spot is 12:1, so it can measure with precision at larger distances compared with other infrared models. The result is immediate on the backlit LCD display, in less than a second, and it has a quick unit conversion, converting the temperature with just a press of button and saving the battery with an Auto-off function. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, it can be used to measure low or high temperature from a distance that will surely keep you and the unit in perfect safe and you don’t have to come in contact with any of the boiling or freezing points. With its wide range, you can use it to measure temperatures from internal components of electronics or when using the oven. The laser grip is very useful, featuring a quick conversion: all you have to do is to press the button to read in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Lightweight, with a compact design and easy to storage, it will be a good tool to have near when needed.

Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer Baby Room Thermometer

With the new Dr Madre non contact infrared thermometer taking a baby’s temperature won’t be a struggling anymore: it has a quick scan feature and an immediate, accurate response. This thermometer uses two AAA batteries and can be recharged whenever it needs, it comes with two batteries and there is a holder inside the case for other two batteries. The tool gives both verbal and non-verbal readings and in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, it can be programmed to your preference and it’s easy to convert the reading. You can set it IN English, Spanish or Silent mode, if the beeping and talking mode can’t be used during night. Even in a dark room, with just a scan, the display can be read with ease. For precision and as a help to see improvements in one’s health, you can retrieve the last 12 readings in its history. Also, you can use this thermometer to measure the temperature in a baby’s room, with a separate function, so it will indicate exactly if there is need for a little more cooling or heating.

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

Its versatile design makes this digital infrared thermometer easy to use whenever, either for measuring the water temperature in a pool, in a car or when you cook using the oven and it will provide accuracy every time. The thermometer has a range from -58°F to 1022°F (- 50°C to 550°C), featuring a quick unit conversion that allows you to read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with just a press of a button. Its built-in laser gives the result immediately, in less than a second, with just a scan. The distance to spot radio is 12:1 and that is very useful, allowing you to simply scan and find out the number without approaching of boiling or freezing spots. To extend its battery life, the unit has an Auto-off function it has batteries included and a low battery indicator so you can be ready every time. It surpasses both freezing and boiling points for an endless range of possibilities around your house. Working with precision in extreme temperature and providing best accuracy each time, this infrared thermometer is the tool to go with, safely, outdoor or indoor.

Nubee 8380H Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

With a range from -58°F to 716°F (-50°C to 380°C), this infrared thermometer can accurately measure and indicate the temperature and it can take the high or the lowest temperature on its range with no worries. Just scan and the result will appear immediately, saving the data at the bottom of the screen. To make it more accurate, there is an adjustable emissivity function that can adjust emissivity for different objects. The distance to the spot radio is 12:1, allowing you to safely measure temperatures reaching freezing or boiling points without getting in contact with them. It also features a low-battery indicator, data hold function, laser target pointer selection, auto power shut off for extending the life of the battery, backlight display selection. You can read the number in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, switching between with just a press of button. The infrared lenses inside the unit provide precise temperature readings without touching or even coming too close with any cold or hot object or area and the laser provides a mark to aim so you can know for sure what is there to be measured.


When searching for an infrared thermometer, you should consider the target size and distance and also the type of surface and its emissivity. If you are going to use the thermometer for your home or little tasks around the house, you need one that doesn’t necessarily has a wide range of temperature, but one that keeps the numbers lower than 0 Celsius degrees and somewhere a little over 100 Celsius degrees, suitable for measuring water in the pool, room temperature or when barbequing. There are some medical infrared thermometers and those are very useful when you have a baby who won’t simply stay to get his temperature measured, with a tool like this you just scan a few moments and the display will indicate the number. Best feature at medical thermometers is that you can see the last readings in its history, useful in comparing the numbers from an hour to another. Also, it is important to pay attention at the low battery indicator so you won’t miss replacing the batteries. We hope that our list with the best infrared thermometers will help you to find the one suitable for your needs and preferences.

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