Jumper starts are portable batteries that have as a main purpose jump starting most of the vehicles and that a true life saver in a roadside emergency, especially when you are in a trip. Most jump starters do more than just starting a car and their most useful features are: having a 12-Volt output for you to charge essential electronics like a phone, laptop and electrical blanket when you are away from a power sources, having a USB port for charging phones, tablets, flash lights and other accessories, providing at least 120-psi for situations when you have to deal with an deflated tire, featuring a high-quality, bright, dual LED flashlight that can be rotated and has an SOS mode for emergencies, and, very important, that lasts more than 100 hours on full charge. These are features that most of the jump starters have and you can choose the one suitable for your needs by considering if you are going to have multiple trips or you want to have one at home just to be ready whenever. A jump starter can put on road again a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV and boat, but you also should know how to connect it right just to avoid unpleasant incidents or accidents: the red clamp has to be connected where is the symbol “+” and the black clamp where is the symbol ”-“. For you to get the best jump starter, we have five units with different features and design to choose from:


Product Rating Price
Weego Jump Starter 44 Award Winning, USA-Designed 4.4/5 $$$
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter 4.6/5 $$$
Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor 4.1/5 $$
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter 4.5/5 $$
Portable Car Jump Starter 18000mAh Phone Power Bank Auto Battery Charger 4.6/5 $$

Weego Jump Starter 44 Award Winning, USA- Designed

Safe, easy to use, and proving its reliability this portable jump starter is the unit that can save your day and power the battery of your car. Versatile, it can be used by a mom, an old person or a mechanic either can get high-performance results. Weego 44 is capable to start any car, truck, ATV, boar, motorcycle and other vehicles with a powerful engine powered by up to 7L. Its extra long 24” cables have Smarty Clamps at their ends, clamps that have comprehensive safety protection and a wide opening with power for both sides of the jaws in order to be as efficient as possible. It has a 500 lumen LED, dual flashlight that can last up to 14 hours with SOS mode up to 28 hours using a single charge. It can be used as a portable charger for phone, tablets or laptops and also as a flashlight. It has a USB port that can provide immediate and fast charging to your gadgets and it surely can power some accessories you usually need in your car, such as air compressors, flashlights and heated blankets. Durable, sturdy, with high-quality components, and that can reach its claimed output this jump starter is the optimal unit to have with you.

Jump-N- Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Powered by 1700 peak Amps and with a DC outlet to power any 12-Volt accessories when you are on road, this Jump-N- Carry jump starter offers efficiency in a short time. Its battery it’s designed to provide excellent cranking power, numerous jumps with every charge, long life duration and extended cranking duration. The unit has extra long cables (46inches) can reach the starting points on all types of vehicles providing the best connection. Designed to stand rigorous use on a daily basis, the unit has a heavy duty case, it is impervious to fluids, it has a voltmeter that will indicate the status of the battery inside with just a push of button, the built-in charger features fully automatic charging that allows you to use the starter whenever and its 12- Volt output can be used to plug in a large variety of accessories. The jump starter includes a safety automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads. Its robust components are ready to give all the power it is possible at the moment to start a disable vehicle and its heavy-duty, industrial clamps have a great grip for a proper battery connection.

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

Offering 500 instant starting Amps and 1000 peak battery Amps for an efficient and as quick as possible charging, this Stanley jump starter has all the features needed to provide immediate power when needed. All you need to do to make it charge is to connect the clamps to the battery of your car, turn the switch on and that is all to have your vehicle on the road again. The starter has a high-power LED that can rotate 270 degrees so any emergency on night time can be solved right where you are. Its reverse polarity is very useful and safe, having an alarm to alert you when the connection is not rightly done. With its multiple purposes, the unit also offers both 12-Volt and USB outlets for charging your phone, tablet, flashlight or electrical blanket and has 120psi compressor for situations when you have a deflated tire. Its DC plug allows you to charge the jump starter with your vehicle’s DC port, so you can be always ready. Ideal for daily use on car, trucks, boats, SUVs, ATVs and more, this jump starter is the unit to go with for every roadside emergency.

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

Powerful but compact, this lithium jump starter can provide up to 20 jumps with just one charge and it is protected by multiple safety layers, so you will be safe if it happens to touch the clamps when they are together or you miss the right connection and hook up to the battery backwards. Whenever you find yourself in a night time emergency, it can light up the tires, engine or even a SOS signal on roadside, this unit has an ultra bright 100 lumen dual LED and there are 7 built-in light modes. It can help you recharge your phone, tablet, or other USB device with its built-in 2.1A USB port. The cables are large, can be stored next to it in the truck of your care and, due to their length there will be no limitation in reaching the charging point for any type of vehicle. Joules 3s represents the amount of power that is delivered in three seconds, it is powerful, rated at 1000 Amps, and it is designed for gas engines up to 6 liters or diesel engines up to 3 liters. Ideal for daily use, it can power any type of car, ATV, motorcycle, boar or truck.

Portable Car Jump Starter 18000mAh Phone Power Bank Auto Battery Charger Pack Booster

Easy to use and having intelligent clamps with over-current protection, short- circuit protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection and over-charge protection, this jump starter is the safest unit to go with when you are a beginner in using such a useful tool. The starter has 18000mAh capacity and dual USB port so you can charge any of your personal accessories. A built-in ultra light LED flash light with three illumination modes offers enough light to be used as a SOS signal during roadside emergencies that will last up to 120 hours on a full charge. The unit has a 12V 10A DC output that provides power to any 12-Volt electronics and you can also use it for electric blankets, car inflators or mini refrigerators for car. All you have to do in order for it to start your car right away is to press the ON button, insert the battery cable into the 12Volt port, connect the red clamp to “+” and the black clamp to “-“, symbols on the battery. Easy to use, with multiple purposes and super-safe, it will surely complete its job in the shortest time possible.


The reasons a battery dies are multiple and most frequent are ones when the car sat too much in a garage or parking lot without being started at all, when in winter or when the battery doesn’t have enough capacity to last a long time on road. While the power a jump starter provides is vital, there is important to have long cables and good, insulated clamps so you be safe especially if you don’t have experience with them. In the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, two kids in the back seats that want to hit the road again and quick and no other car can be seen passing by? Well, that is a situation that doesn’t have to scare you anymore, because you will know for sure what to do and solve the problem just connect, switch the ON button and the engine will start immediate. With many models of jump starters offering more and more features, now you can choose one of the best from the ones we presented, one that will complete its job 100% efficient. Dare to drive with confidence even in extreme weather knowing that you have the best jump starter with you.

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