Measuring wheels are compact and simple, but they are precious devices that allow you to get a precise distance, which is needed for some huge task. They are used in construction, in research, and in several other aspects. This suggests that you must have the best measuring wheels that guarantee you the highest level of accuracy. In this case, even the smallest mistake can have huge consequences.

First, we must say that there are two types of measuring wheels. They are digital and mechanic. Mechanic ones don’t rely on batteries, so they can be used anywhere, but they offer measurements in just one type of unit. Electric ones have batteries, but they also have displays, so they support several units of measurement. A drawback is that you must carry spare batteries in a field. This is also the primary factor you should take into account when looking for a new measuring wheel. A type of wheel is an important factor as well. It determines a measuring wheel be used indoor or outdoor or in both situations. For indoor usages, you won’t need a wheel larger than 6 inches. For outdoor applications, you will need a wheel with a 10 or 12 inch diameter. A carrying case is something you will need simply because a measuring wheel is almost always used in different locations. It will protect a device from dust and make transport easier. We will add the fact that foldability is an important factor. It makes a measuring wheel easier to use and makes transport far simpler. We found the best measuring wheels for you. All of them are latest models with the latest features, therefore they can be used by the most demanding individuals. There is no point in saying that all 5 models are very precise.


Product Rating Price
Stanley Intellilevel DMW40 Digital Measuring Wheel 4.4/5 $$$
1000FT Walking Tape 4 Digit Counter Survey Measuring Wheel 3.2/5 $
Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel 4.0/5 $$
Keson RRT12 Metric Road Runner Measuring Wheel 4.0/5 $$
New 600lb HEAVY DUTY Utility Trailer 3.0/5 $$

Stanley Intellilevel DMW40 Digital Measuring Wheel

The Stanley Intellilevel DMW40 Digital Measuring Wheel is currently the most popular models of this kind in the United Kingdom. It is well-made and the manufacturer used the high-quality plastic, so we can say that it is perfect for commercial applications. We must add that according to thesurvey, it is one of the most accurate measuring wheels you can possibly buy. Yes, it is a digital unit, so you get a display which displays all important figures. We also liked the fact it comes with a stand, so you can leave it in anupright position while you do something else. Maybe this is a simple feature, but it is more than just needed, especially for commercial applications. Probably the most important thing to know is that it features a bi-directional measuring system. Simply said, you can measure in both directions and the values you get will be 100% accurate. The dimensions are 21.5 x 10.2 x 5.3 inches, but this is still a lightweight model with a weight of 4.4 pounds. Pros: • It is very accurate. • Stand. • High-quality plastic. • Simple and practical display. • Lightweight. • Professional tool. Cons: • Measure in inches. • Doesn’t come with a case.

1000FT Walking Tape 4 Digit Counter Survey Measuring Wheel

The 1000FT Walking Tape 4 Digit Counter is a purely mechanical measuring wheel that comes with the ultimate quality. First, it is made from aluminium, rather than plastic, so it is more suitable for heavy-duty applications. It has a 4 digit counter and can measure up to 1.000 feet. You also get a reset button. All of this suggests that for remote applications, it is a great choice. In addition, the aluminium handle can be extended up to 33.5 inches (standard height is 13.5 inches). The dimensions are 17.6 x 6.3 x 3.4 inches and the weight is 1.2 pounds, which made this the lightest models on the market right now. We must say that the wheel has a 5 ½ inch diameter and it is layered with rubber, so it absorbs bumps that may affect the measurement. The dimensions and the wheel also suggest that it is agreat choice for indoor applications. If we add an extremely low price, we can say that the value for money is impeccable. Pros: • Lightweight, 1.2 pounds only. • Measures up to 1.000 feet. • Extendable handle. • Aluminium made. • Wheel with arubber layer. • Value for money. Cons: • Measures in inches. • Isn’t extremely precise due to mechanical counter.

Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel

This is one of the latest models, made in the United States, so it has to meet certain regulations. It is made from high-quality materials, and the manufacturer claims that it is a completely commercial measuring wheel, developed completely for advanced and tough usages. One of the claims that justify this is the 9.999 feet measuring capacity. It also measures in feet and inches. Values are shown on a display with the magnifying glass, so they are easy to see. A stand that allows you to leave this measuring wheel upright is available as well. This small feature is usually reserved for more advanced models. One of the best sides of this model is the handle. It is ergonomic and it is made from soft materials. In simple words, using this measuring wheel won’t cause hand fatigue, no matter how long you use it. Note: The display shows 5 numbers and the size of a wheel is 3 feet. The dimensions are 24 x 13 x 7.5 inches and the weight is 4 pounds. Pros: • Perfect handle. • Can be used on uneven terrain. • 5 digit counter. • Stand. • Value for money. • Measures in inches and feet, up to 9.999 feet. Cons: • Small wheel. • Complicated to balance the wheel.

Keson RRT12 Metric Road Runner Measuring Wheel with Brake

The Keson RRT12 Metric Road Runner is a more advanced measuring wheel. It is also sophisticated and it has a few features more than equivalent models. We will begin with the folding handle. It is so simple to use that you will literally need 1 second to fold it. All you have to do it to press a button on the handle. In addition, you also get two reset buttons, one on the handle and the second one at the base. A handle system is a masterpiece. It is completely centered, so the entire wheel is perfectly balanced, which has a positive effect on the accuracy. A counter is an improved version of a well-known, 5 digits counted, standard for this manufacturer. It has been paired with a magnifying lens, so all numbers are easy to see. Although, the dimensions are 24 x 13 x 7.5 inches, this unit is slightly heavier than others here. The total weight is 4.7 pounds. Note: This is one of fully professional measuring wheels you can buy. Pros: • Two reset buttons. • Centered handling base. • Accurate. • 5 digit counter. • Folding handle. Cons: • Heavy. • You must clean the counter frequently.

New 600lb HEAVY DUTY Utility Trailer Mover Hitch Boat Jet Ski Camper Hand Dolly

This trailer dolly is the latest innovation in the world of transport. The first thing we must say is that the weight load is 600 lbs.which is simply impressive. This is possible due to the fact the trailer is made from heavy-duty materials, such as steel. It isn’t lightweight, but the strength and the durability are simply outstanding. Another fact that impressed us are the wheels. They are also heavy-duty components, designed for usages on rough terrain. Let’s add the maneuverability this trailer has to offer. It is very easy to use it and it is practical. You won’t have any problems transporting almost anything. Keep in mind that this isn’t an entry-level model, it is advanced trailer developed for transporting heavy items. Interesting: You can actually transport a jet-ski with this trailer. The dimensions are 27 X 13 X 47 inches and the weight is 30 pounds. Pros: • Made from steel. • Easy to use. • Can withstand up to 600 lbs. of weight. • Well-made. • Affordable. • Great and durable wheels. Cons: • Too big. • Hitch ball.


Don’t look for the best measuring wheels anywhere else, simply because we did all the hard work instead of you. We tested, compared and ranked some of the most popular models on the market right now. All models here, are safe choices and they are definitely a safe buy. You won’t make a mistake, simply because they guarantee you a perfect compromise between the price, the quality and the accuracy. And yes, all models are accurate in measuring, so you can use them for the most demanding and the most responsible measurements. We will also say that all of them are the latest units on the market, so if you want to have something that is rare to see, they are still a valuable alternative. If you remember, we mentioned that there are digital and mechanical models. Both types have positive and negative sides, so we tested both of them. Choose your new models accordingly to the features and to the applications your job or a hobby demands.

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