Milling machines are complicated and advanced machines, used for the most demanding operations. As you would imagine, they are rich in features, and they are complicated to use. But first of all, it is complicated to choose the best one, simply because there are a lot of different models on the market.

You will have an opportunity to choose between a manual and a CNC milling machine. CNC models are more expensive and they are more professional, while manual are more affordable and they are simpler to use. Addition: Most CNC models are improved and upgraded manual models. Now we have come to the size. In this case, a bigger milling machine is better. The main advantage is in the construction itself. Larger machines are made from steel and they are more durable and rigid. All of this guarantees you that you can use them for rougher and more precise operations. At the same time, we will add that the best milling machines must withstand all types of use, such as shaping steel for example. A power for a milling machine is mandatory. Models with 1 HP electric engines are usually the best choice. The main goal is to have a lot of torque and available speed (you won’t always use the top speed). This is needed for different types of metal. Steel requires a high level of torque and low speed, while the aluminium must be processed with a high speed and low torque. A related feature is the phase of electric motors. Those with 3 phases (gears) are the best choice! You can choose the speed and therefore the torque, accordingly to your need.


Product Rating Price
Hilti 03482658 SIW 18-A 1/2-Inch 18-volt CPC Cordless Impact Wrench 3.0/5 $$$$$
Hilti 3482498 TE4-A18 CPC 18-volt Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill 4.8/5 $$$$$
Hilti 03482620 SIW 18-A 1/2-Inch 18-volt CPC Cordless 4.6/5 $$$$$
Hilti 03482621 SIW 18-A 3/8-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Compact 4.0/5 $$$$$
Hilti 03482659 SIW 18-A 3/8-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless 5.0/5 $$$$$

Hilti 03482658 SIW 18-A 12-Inch 18-volt CPC Cordless Impact Wrench

There are no other words than purely professional that describe this tool better. It has a variable speed system, a powerful electric motor and it comes in a case that has been developed for the most demanding operations. The price is high, but this is just another evidence that this is a completely professional piece of tool. As we said, it has several seeds. In the first one, it will generate 1000RPM, in the second 1500RPM and in the third 2300RPM. The amount of torque this impact wrench has to offer depends on the speed you have chosen. In essence, you can choose between 796, 1794 and 1769 inch pound (a higher speed means more torque). In the package, you get 2 batteries, a charger, case, belt hook and six impact sockets. It means that as soon as you get it, you can start using it. Pros: • Exceptional quality. • Water resistant case. • High-power. • Three different speeds. • Three different torque settings. Cons: • High price. • There are slightly more powerful model in this price range.

Hilti 3482498 TE4-A18 CPC 18-volt Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

The first thing we will say is that this model comes from Pro Line. It is expensive, perfectly made and it comes with the latest and the most advanced features. However, you can see all of this when you look at the tool. It isn’t a regular impact wrench, therefore, it doesn’t offer regular performances. We will add that it offers up to 5200 blows per minute, which is exceptional and above the average. The speed can be adjusted as well. It ranges between 0 and 1090 RPM, also a great result. This unit also features reverse switch, which is more than just needed in certain operations, so this is one reason more why we liked it. With the 21.6 volts, power will be present every single time you need it. There won’t be a bolt you won’t be able to undo. In the same manner, the battery is Lithium-ion. This is the newest type of batteries that provide greater durability, short charging time and they are suitable for heavy-duty applications. Note: A battery is included in the package. Pros: • Powerful tool. • Comes with a case. • High-quality. • Adjustable speed. • 21.6 volts. • Lithium-ion battery. Cons: • Heavy. • The manual is complicated.

Hilti 03482620 SIW 18-A 12-Inch 18-volt CPC Cordless Compact Impact Wrench

The Hilti 03482620 SIW 18-A 12-Inch 18-volt CPC Cordless Compact Impact Wrench is a bit more affordable model than other two we have mentioned. It also features the outstanding quality, characteristic for this manufacturer. However, it comes with a bag, rather than a case. One thing we liked, which is the same as in the first model here, is that it features 3 speeds. The number of RM varies, and it ranges between 1000 and 2300. The situation is the same with torque. When you use the third speed, you can get up to 1769 inch pounds. The electronic control provides 3500 blows per minute. Because this is one of the newer models, made by Hilti, it has a new generation electric motor. It is brushless and it is capable of withstanding almost anything you can throw at it. Add the 4 point LED light and high-end assembly, which eliminates the risk of dust or water getting into and you will get a great impact wrench. Pros: • Great design, paired with great features. • Immune to the water and dust. • LED lights. • Adjustable speed and torque. • 3500 blows per minute. Cons: • You get a bag instead of a case. • A relatively new model, so there are no a lot of current owners.

Hilti 03482621 SIW 18-A 38-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Compact Impact Wrench

Individuals who are looking for the professional impact wrench, but they don’t want heavy and massive models, should pay attention to the Hilti 03482621 SIW 18-A 38-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Compact Impact Wrench. It is the latest generation of a tool that features the latest electric motor, the latest capabilities and comes with a great warranty. We liked the fact it has the same variable speed system as other, more expensive models. So, you can choose between 1000 and 2300RPM. However, the amount of torque is slightly lower. This means that you can choose between 3 levels, ranging from 663 up to 1548 inch pounds. On the other hand, this tool weighs only 14.7 pounds, making it one of the lightest units in the class. Still, it offers a sealed electronics feature, which eliminates the risk of dust getting into a tool. Note: This unit also has a 4 point LED system that allows you to use it in the dark. Pros: • LED lights. • 3 speeds. • Sealed electronics. • Lightweight. • Compact. • Durable. Cons: • Also comes with a bag, rather than with a case. • Low torque in the first speed.

5. Hilti 03482659 SIW 18-A 38-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Impact Wrench

On our test, the Hilti 03482659 SIW impact wrench was impressively good. It offers similar features as other models here, but it comes with a case and there are some, minor changes. First of all, it has 3 speeds (from 1000 up to 2300RPM) and 3 different torque settings. The lowest amount you can get is 663 inch pounds and the highest is 1548 inch pounds. We can recommend this unit for people who are looking for a professional impact wrench that can withstand almost anything (that’s why it is important to get a case). With this model, you can undo all types of bolts, effortless, thanks to the completely new electric motor. It doesn’t have brushes, so it is smooth and reliable, perfect for usages on remote locations. Let’s just add that you get 2 batteries and a quick charger. Maybe this sounds the same as other models have, but an electric motor is energy efficient. It uses less energy so you can use a tool for a longer period of time on a single battery. Pros: • You get a case. • Powerful. • LED lights. • Brushless electric motor. • Energy efficient electric motor. Cons: • Heavier than theequivalent model. • The case isn’t perfectly made.


People who are looking for entry-level models, should look further. All 5 models we compared here are definitely a high-end units, equipped with the latest features and the best quality you can imagine. They are something professionals use for the most demanding and the toughest jobs. Hilti is a world-known manufacturer of tools and they have the best reputation, so these are two advantages all tools here have to offer. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a low price simply because all models are made from durable materials and they have the newest technology. The bottom line is simple. These tools are suitable for individuals who are going to use them every day, so eventually, you will get your money back. They won’t fail, no matter when and where you use them. We can say that they guarantee perfection.

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