It is a well known fact that, unless you are a high end electrician working on very special projects, you do not need to spend more than 100 dollars on a good quality multimeter. However, we wanted to see if you could find an excellent multimeter for less than $100, and we believe we have done just that. To be clear, we were not looking for a multipurpose multimeter that will measure light and sound intensity, outside temperature and perhaps make you a cup of tea. We were looking for an electrician’s multimeter, accurate, reliable and sturdy. After a lot of searching we found the Klein Tools MM1000

There are several great things about the Klein Tools MM1000 but, to start with the most obvious feature, it has an auto ranging voltage measurement, making it a modern tool. You can, of course, switch to manual if you need to, but it will select the range on itself on regular occasions. It measures up to 1000 volts and up to 10 amps, and can monitor those values continuously. In our experience most electricians will not need to go above 10 amps and because of the low price this makes the MM1000 an excellent multimeter for students too.

The other interesting feature that won us over was the quality of the display. While it is definitely not in the same league as the Fluke displays, the fact that Klein Tools decided to go with a backlit display makes this an excellent multimeter to be used on bright summer days, even with the sun at your back. In fact you may even want to read our Top 10 Best Multimeters article where you can find an in depth comparison between the advantages of the top Fluke products and our more modest Klein Tools MM1000.

Auto mechanics will be happy to know that the Klein Tools MM1000 comes with a thermocouple and its own leads so you can test almost anything electric on a car if you fancy becoming independent from the services of an auto electrician. The sensitive is more than accurate for any all the electric components on a car. In fact we were quite impressed on how well the MM1000 was able to measure the resistance, capacitance and frequency of all our electrical devices in the office. We even tested in on an old smartphone base board and it was just as accurate as you would need it to be. We also appreciated the fact that it makes a sound if you are testing a complete circuit, so you do not need to glance at the display when your are quickly going through a big circuit board trying to find the one place where the circuit is broken.

All and all, if you need to a high performance multimeter you will have to spend a bit more than 100 dollars, and probably go with a Fluke. However, if you do not have that kind of money to spend on a multimeter, the Klein Tools MM1000 makes for an excellent alternative, and will definitely last until you are able to grow to that next level where you will want to invest more to get more.

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