Are you looking for a multi purpose oscillating tool? Such a tool is available in hardware stores mostly, but today one can procure such a tool at online forums as well. Such a tool is a hand held device that can be used for cutting, grinding and sanding. Genesis GMT15A multi-purpose oscillating tool is one such handy device which one can use as the equivalent of a hand held power tool. There is a difference between such a tool and spiral saws, rotary tools and angle grinders.

Review Of A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool

When you opt to buy a multi purpose oscillating tool, the handle has an electric motor. Some, such tools are cordless while others are operated by batteries. The motor of the tool drives the head of the tool back and forth rapidly and in an oscillating motion. Some oscillating tools are designed such that they can oscillate at varying speeds. You could opt for one such tool or one that works at one speed and can be simply put on or off. The head of the tool comes with a mount and a variety of attachments which can range from grinders to cutting blades and sanding tools.

Product Features of Genesis Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool

When you opt for the Genesis multi purpose oscillating tool, the product comes with the following features:

It offers oscillation of 21000 per minutes.

  • The tool has a four pin flange design.
  • The gear housing of the tool is made of die cast aluminum, giving it a study structure.
  • The tool has a three inch Delta sanding pad, scraping blade, sandpaper, an E cut saw blade of 30 mm.
  • The tool has an Allen wrench and a saw blade as well.

With such features the tool is ideal for the following functions:

  • The oscillation speed makes it ideal for cutting, scraping, sanding and grinding.
  • The flange design is such that its accessories stay in place firmly.

Such tool is a perfect for home repair. For those who wish to carry out repair work in and around their homes this tool is the perfect thing to have. The tool is handy for different projects which many have vouched for. It comes with a flush cutting blade by which one can make cuts along different edges in a precise manner. Trimming base molding or door jambs, cut outs in plastic, drywall as well as detail sanding projects can be easily handled by this tool.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Many customers have provided positive reviews about this tool. For doing flooring projects and other work in and around homes, this tool comes in handy. Many people have found the corded aspect a limitation of this tool. Even though it can be used to scrape off rust or for cutting laminate, one needs to protect their lungs by wearing a face mask. In general, it is a handy tool for several home projects such as flooring, painting and others.

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