Spray painting is a technique that became popular due to its great results in a short amount of time and to some advantages such as spreading paint, stains, lacquers and many other types of coatings, finishing a piece way faster than with a roller or a brush and offering the chance to use it on many surfaces, such as cement, bricks, wood, glass. Usually used to paint pieces of furniture that need to be renewed, paint sprayers can successfully be used also outdoors, on fences, decks, frames and any small to medium project.

The fact that it can be used both outdoor and indoor offers you a great opportunity to give your house a new look with fresh colors and smooth finish. For details and complicated corners, edges or angles, most sprayers have a second gun you can use that will provide paint through a narrower needle so you won’t make any mistakes. HVLP (High-Volume Low-Pressure) sprayers offer a powerful turbine, high-quality tips, removable guns that can be changed one with another for continuous spraying and the perfect balance and amount of paint to avoid over spraying; they are easy to use and clean, making less noise. They include instructions and a viscosity cup so you can determine the correct amount of paint, especially because most of the solvents have to be mixed with water, and it is important to get the perfect density so you have the best spray pattern with no leakage or over painting. When looking for a mirror-alike result, you should consider investing in a paint sprayer that can handle many types of paints on different surfaces. For solid coverage and an uniform finish on many materials, we present you five of the best paint sprayers, each with features that will convince you to give up on using traditional methods and choose to complete a job faster and better.


Product Rating Price
Campbell Hausfeld HV3500 65 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer 3.3/5 $$$$
Wagner Detail Front End Kit 4.3/5 $
Campbell Hausfeld Gravity-Feed Spray Gun Kit 5.0/5 $
650w Electric Paint Painting Sprayer Gun 3-ways 3.3/5 $
Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 58 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer 3.5/5 $$$

Campbell Hausfeld HV3500 65 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

With its high performance 3-stage turbine motor, painting furniture, cabinets, door or any woodworking around your hose won’t be a struggle anymore. It provides a finish that looks like glass, with no waste of paint. This Fine Finish HVLP (High-Volume Low-Pressure) paint sprayer has a powerful HV3500 turbine and an adjustable spray gun to help you control it in order to get the best result. You can choose to attach the hose at the rear or at the bottom, as you want. Its quick-indexing pattern is very useful, its shape adjusting for all round, horizontal and vertical shapes. It can paint with many types of paint: lacquers, latex, water-based coatings, stains, oil-based coatings, varnishes and enamels, as well as other solvents and remember that paintings that contain hydrogenated hydrocarbons can’t be used with this sprayer. You can use it to paint any piece of furniture, door of rooms, window trims, cabinets and other woodworking round the house that need a refresh for their paint. When painting, pay attention at the glass of the window, walls and floors and cover them so you won’t have to clean after having the job done. Being well balanced and comfortable to hold in hand, the gun of the unit will help you paint a medium surface in few minutes.

Wagner Detail Front End Kit

This attachment that fits other Wagner sprayers is suitable for any type of furniture, even the smallest pieces, like all the details on a cabinet, the end of a table or chests and crafts. It is electric, works with a Wagner powered sprayer. This detail front will provide a fine spray due to its small needle and it is useful when you need a narrower spray pattern. With its 20Floz cup it is ideal for small projects in the house and it can spray primers, stains, sealers, oil-based paintings and even latex with no problem, just be sure to lube the seals and get a secure fit so your work won’t be disturbed. Reducing the viscosity of the paint will allow you to reduce the flow and to low the pressure to avoid over painting. To provide a precise spray it allow you to adjust the flow control and has 3-pattern settings: round (narrow), horizontal and vertical. Made of quality materials, it is ready to outperform in giving the best results in painting furniture, doors, window trims and other woodworking.

Campbell Hausfeld Gravity-Feed Spray Gun Kit

This paint sprayer is suitable furniture, woodwork around the house, doors and trims, providing the perfect amount of paint to cover up every detail smoothly. The unit comes in a hard plastic carry case that storage all the tools, each fitting perfectly in its place, and can offer portability wherever you need. It includes a gravity-feed spray gun with a 550ml canister, also a 120ml canister for the touch-up spray gun and an air adjusting valve with gauge. Its HLVP (High-Volume Low-Pressure) design is very useful in reducing waste of paint and offering a precise final result. The carrying case includes: 2 spray guns, 2 adjusting valves, thread tape, 5 in-line paint filters, 10 paint filters, 3 cleaning brushes and a wrench. Its two sprayer guns require 2.1SCFM and 0.7SCFM, at 4psi. Cleanup is simple and using it is easy, the gun fitting comfortable in palm. While being a perfect tool for projects around the house, this sprayer gun kit is used for automotive painting, carpentry painting and even for crafts, assuring an even spray each time.

650w Electric Paint Painting Sprayer Gun 3-ways W/cooper

Providing the perfect amount of paint from any angle, this electric painter is the tool to go with when you have to do some detail painting on woodwork or to renew outdoor and indoor furniture. By regulating the amount of paint that has to be sprayed, it saves paint and it allows adjustments for an even application. It can reach the corners, details and edges due to its 3 spray settings: circular jet, horizontal and vertical. The painting sprayer can be used to spray lacquers, paint and varnish, offering a detachable spray gun so you can change the paint quick when needed. It can be used on cement, brick, wood, glass, fences, as well as on indoor furniture and for outdoor projects. When painting windows frames assure that you cover up the glass so it won’t get messed up at the end of the spraying and that is recommended also for the floor, walls and objects when you paint anything inside. Easy to use and clean, the sprayer will avoid dripping or letting any traces. With an advanced technology, the final result will be smooth and shiny with just few sprays.

Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 58 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

With a powerful 2-stage turbine and 2 air filters, this paint sprayer is perfect for renewing old furniture pieces, doors, trims and woodworking around the house. To thin correctly the paint you can use the drip stick that comes with the system and doing this you’ll avoid over painting. It is recommended to wear a mask while you’re working to protect your eyes and avoid inhaling paint particles. While it is easy to use, this painting sprayer still requires few tries for a beginner, so the techniques will help get a smooth surface. Suitable for painting small to medium pieces of indoor or outdoor furniture, this Fine Finish paint sprayer has a HVLP (High-Volume Low-Pressure) design to assure performance, with 58CFM and 5PSI. The sprayer includes a spray gun, a 25-foot hose, 2 needle sets, a viscosity stick, strainers, wrench and a cleaning brush. The hose is made of plastic and the body is made of durable metal for durability and protection. The time spent on doing such a job won’t be long and the result surely will as high as your expectations.


Compared with indoor projects, where using a paint sprayer is risky, but also easy enough to move around a piece of furniture and get it sprayed in a few minutes, outdoor projects request a portable paint sprayer that can really make a difference by allowing you to take the sprayer around whenever you need it. Also, flexibility is a big advantage, so sprayers that can be adjusted are very helpful when you need different spray patterns, and most of the models have three of them: round, horizontal and vertical. It is the best to clean first the surface you want to get painted because all the residues that are left behind can be a big problem in achieving an even final result. It is also important not to use a paint sprayer if the temperature is below 45 Fahrenheit degrees or above 75 Fahrenheit degrees because that can affect the quality of the final result by drying the paint too fast or it can be ruined by debris. Another highly recommended advice is that you should consider wearing a protective mask to keep your eyes safe and to avoid inhaling dangerous vapors in your lungs or throat. Keeping yourself safe is important! Invest in a paint sprayer that will bring a new vibe in your house through new colors and fresh smell.

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