Also known as an air hammer, and commonly called so, a pneumatic hammer is a tool in which compressed air is used to produce the impact blow, to chip away metal, brick, stone or other materials. Attached to an air compressor, a pneumatic hammer does a job by far more efficient and quick than the manual alternative.

It can chip away residues, parts of walls, metal parts, cut panels and many others, now so quick and effortless. Chisels can be attached to it to make the stones or other parts to chip away, and, once removed, the surface left behind is ready to take another material or just to remain free. To perform different actions on different surfaces, the air hammer uses tips and bits, to drill holes in a metal, to chip away brick, concrete and much more. Is true that working with such a tool is not a precision work and you have to keep focused and your hand steady. For your safety, especially if you’re a beginner, you should choose a pneumatic hammer that has a good, ergonomic, non-slippery grip. Depending on the type of job you need to get done and of the type of the material you are working with, there different types of air hammers, some that work powered by large and strong air compressors and others that still can give a good performance using less air power. It’s best to have more chisels to choose from, at least two, because what may seem a small job can end in a complicated work. We present five of the best pneumatic hammers for you to choose one that fits the best with your needs and preferences.


Product Rating Price
Chicago Pneumatic CP7150 Air Hammer 4.0/5 $$
Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC 4.5/5 $
DEWALT DWMT70785 Air Chisel Hammer 4.2/5 $
Performance Tool M668 Heavy Duty Air Hammer 3.3/5 $
ACDelco ANI405 1/2-inch Impact Wrench Pneumatic Tool 4.4/5 $$

Chicago Pneumatic CP7150 Air Hammer

Designed for general use to scrape rust, chip away at steel, metals or concrete, this powerful pneumatic tool is a true help in a workshop, compatible with a large variety of accessories. The hammer it’s air powered, with 90 PSI, it has a standard 0.401 round shank, its CFM, or actual air consumption is 25, delivers about 2100 blows per minute and it features a longer piston stroke 0f 3.5 in. for added power. You can fit a quick release chisel holder/adapter into this tool; it is a long barrel model that may not hit very fast, but surely harder than a short barrel model. This air hammer is a well-built tool, durable and sturdy that offers you good control on the handle due to its ergonomic grip, for your safety, while is the ideal tool for heavy- duty applications. Also, to make it comfortable to use, there is an integral muffler that minimizes exhaust sound so you can keep working for a long time. For a variety of applications when needed, different accessories can be attached to this pneumatic hammer and it has an easy change-retainer for a quick accessory changing for you not to wait or interrupt your work.

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

The best tool for fixing exhaust systems, scraping mostly metal surfaces and cutting panels, the Ingersoll Rand air hammer was designed for heavy-duty applications. To provide safety and comfort while handling such a tool, there is an ergonomic grip to assure a non- slippery surface, a heat-treated piston and alloy steel barrel for a long life even with every-day usage. The hammer comes with a three-piece chisel set to cover a wide large of surfaces and materials and it has a quick-disconnect retainer for you to change the chisels quickly and effortless. Handy where you need it, this tool has some features worthy to consider when looking for a pneumatic hammer, such as: it delivers 2-58- inch stroke, 3,500 BPM, blows per minute, 4 CFM (Air Consumption), contoured grip for increased comfort, a 0.401 shank, a built-in power regulator, a professional touch trigger, its medium-length barrel for a good control, and a diffused exhaust on the bottom of the handle. The box contains an 114GQC air hammer, and a three-piece chisel set (a tapered punch, panel cutter, a flat chisel). While this air hammer delivers wonderful torque accuracy, it also has an increased safety for you to work without worries. Offering industrial productivity and efficiency, Ingersoll Rand air hammer does its job as expected.

DEWALT DWMT70785 Air Chisel Hammer

This DEWALT air hammer has an aluminum body, more qualitative than plastic air hammers, that keeps it durable and protects it in time and, while it is for heavy-duty applications, it’s the tool to look for if you want to chip even hard materials like concrete, bricks or the tiles on a wall. The hammer accepts standard 0.401” chisel shanks, has a 1/4” air inlet and 4.5 CMFs- air consumption and it is compatible with various accessories for you to be effective with different surfaces and materials. With its switch style is a touch control trigger there won’t be difficulties in handling it right out of the box. It comes with oil, and it’s recommended to oil it by just putting a few drops where the hose attaches so it will work smooth. Even if it’s a small hammer, the unit is well-built and has a shock-absorbing handle for your comfort when working; even after using the air hammer a long time, your hand’s won’t be sore. The package contains the air hammer, chisels, and oil for tools. Powerful and ready to get a job done with professionalism, it may require a larger volume air compressor to run the chisel.

Performance Tool M668 Heavy Duty Air Hammer with 5 Chisels

Designed for general repairs and much more, this air hammer is a heavy-duty tool that can handle various applications such as cutting panels, cutting metals, removing exhaust work or rivets, chipping concrete and bricks. Its shank size is 0.380 inch. To provide the professional results you’re expecting, the tool comes with 5 chisels, each one having its purpose; all chisels are heat-treated. The hammer has a built-in regulator, also a quick- change safety retainer and it is compatible with a large variety of accessories. It is not a precision tool, so you might find it a little hard to handle, but that only in the beginning. When connecting it to a hose, you should pay attention to the way it fits so there won’t be any leaks around the plunger. While it’s a heavy- duty air hammer, it will last long even with a few hours a day usage, keeping its features, functions, and applications in time as in the day you got it out of the box. Either for basic repairs, a project around the house or daily-use, you can anytime enjoy the advantages of choosing this air hammer model.

ACDelco ANI405 12- inch Impact Wrench Pneumatic Tool

Having durable aluminum alloy housing makes this pneumatic hammer more qualitative than plastic air hammers. It has some features that are worthy to consider when looking for such a tool: a 500 ft-lbs maximum torque, handle exhaust design, 3.9 CFM air consumption, air powered, 90 PSI, 3 forward speeds and one reverse speed, a free speed of 7,000 RPM and a powerful impact mechanism Twin Hammer. It hooks right up to a regular air compressor, it’s easy to use and the selector switch is right where you can see it. It is recommended to oil the air hammer so it can last longer and run smoother; using oil both before and after using it can make it last good to go for years. Easy to install and almost ready out of the box, it won’t give you a headache in figuring how it works. Nonetheless, it gets the job done with less effort than the manual alternative and even than other less qualitative air hammers. If you expect professional results, this pneumatic hammer can complete your work with no problems.


If you plan to get something demolished, then you should know from the beginning what bits to use, depending on how hard, dense is the material you’re working with; also, it is very important to think about your health especially when having a wall demolished, because all the dust can leave severe marks on your eyes and lungs if inhaled, so you should wear a mask and protective glasses. Even for a beginner, there is not very much to know about installing an air hammer, you just connect it to a hose, but there will be instructions for every question or struggle that may appear. No need to be a professional to get your job done with the results you expect. If you plan using the hammer more than two times a week or if you know it’s going to be used for several hours a day, then look for a pneumatic hammer that has an aluminum or alloy steel housing because it is going to last longer, even if you work with hard materials or it gets dropped. Investing in the right tool for your workshop is investing in all the time you’ll be saving by operating with the right tool.

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