A rotary hammer drill is a powerful tool, developed purely for professional applications. These drills are big, massive and they are the only choice for uses with the masonry. The specific design, paired with the latest features is definitely something you will need when it comes to your new rotary hammer drill.

The main thing you should know is that the manufacturer has an important role! A highly rated one can help you get a product that will actually last for a long time, won’t break down and can meet all of your requirements. This is also the main factor that should be considered before you choose your new, the best rotary hammer drill. Have we mentioned that rotary hammer drills are heavyweight tools? They are much heavier than regular hammer drills, therefore this is another reason why they are more suitable for the construction business. Of course, they can be used in DIY projects, but still, it isn’t their main purpose! A high weight can be explained due to bigger electric motors. Some models have 7.5 amp motors, so you can imagine how powerful they are. Accessories are far more important than most individuals believe. With these tools, you are going to need as much of accessories as you can get. Some units can even use chisels, transforming them into jackhammers. Others have drilling accessories that allow them to drill in tight and difficult spaces. In general, always consider about the accessories your new rotary hammer drill can use. Due to the complexity and the unique features of these tools, we paid a special attention to the models mentioned below. All of them have been highly rated in all factors we revealed.


Product Rating Price
Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus 4.8/5 $$$
DEWALT DCH273B 20V Max Brushless 4.9/5 $$$$
Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer 4.7/5 $$$$
DEWALT D25263K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks 5.0/5 $$$
SDS Drill, Electric Rotary Hammer, Plus Demolition Bits 4.1/5 $$

Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme

When it comes to rotary hammer drills, Bosch is one of the top manufacturers. It is well-known for delivering some of the most professional tools that are perfect for any type of use. The Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme is one of them. This is the latest model, bringing all the best features and all that this manufacturer has been able to learn from the experience. Despite all of this, the price can be treated as affordable. The electric motor has a 7.5 amp power, enough for heavy-duty projects. It can be used as rotary hammer, rotary or hammer only. Impact energy this rotary drill can deliver is 2.2 foot-pounds. We were impressed by the Vario-Lock Positioning feature. It allows you to place chisel into 36 different positions, maximizing the efficiency and allowing you to drill in any angle. Paired with a lot of features comes a lightweight design. This unit weighs only 11.4 pounds. Other, advanced features are available as well. You will get agreat power cord, heavy-duty construction, and a case. The last thing we liked a lot is the unconditional warranty. It lasts 1 year and it is the best protection you can possibly get! Pros: • 7.5 amp electric motor. • 2.2 foot-pound impact energy. • Chisel adjusts in 36 different positions. • Unconditional warranty. Cons: • Obsolete design. • Massive.


The DEWALT DCH273B 20V is a completely different model than the Bosch unit we talked about. It features a different design and it is made ion a different principle. Nevertheless, this is an amazing model that can be used for a lot of different applications and it can meet your expectations every single time. We liked the design. It is practical, modern and makes using the drill, for a long period of thetime simple and user-friendly. The impact power is 2.1 Joules, paired with a brushless electric motor, this rotary hammer drill is capable of withstanding rough operations in even rougher terrain. A useful addition is the LED feature. It is standard for Dewalt and it can help you use this drill when the lighting conditions are not great. The Active Vibration Control has been upgraded. Now, a number of vibrations is significantly reduced. For example, it is far better than 70% of rival models, available now. Pros: • Active Vibration Control. • Design. • LED feature. • The brushless electric motor is a masterpiece. Cons: • Expensive.

Bosch RH328VC

This model is known for impressive and probably the best in the class weight to power ratio. It weighs only 7.7 lbs., but it has an 8 amp electric motor. An impact energy of 2.6 feet-lbs. is another advantage that should be mentioned. This may be the best rotary hammer drill with this amount of power and with this weight. Using it for minor and advanced operations is possible precisely due to power to weight ratio. A well-known function selector is available as well. You can choose between rotary, hammer or rotaryhammer modes. We will add that switching the modes is simple and quick. Another great fact is the vibration reduction system. It actually works and can make this rotary hammer drill a real pleasure to use in all operations. We also liked it simply because it allows you to use the drill for a longer period of time. One of thenew features is the integrated clutch. It has the main goal of reducing the torque impact, making this unit easier to use and more user-friendly. In a matter of fact, it is a mandatory feature, due to thevery powerful electric motor. Pros: • 8 amp. • 7.7 lbs. weight. • Great design. • Integrated clutch. Cons: • Other models made by Bosch may be more durable. • Expensive maintenance.


Precision, power, and latest features are the main facts you should know about this unit. It has an extraordinary 8.5 amp electric motor, paired with thewell-known integral clutch. Note: This system is common in models with high powerful electric motors.An impact energy has been increased, compared to the previous version of the same rotary hammer drill and now it is 3 Joules. Of course, the main vibration reduction feature is a standard system with this unit. It is one of more efficient systems for vibration reduction. An interesting capability is the full speed backward and in reverse. There are no a lot of drills with this feature, therefore DEWALT D25263K is slightly different. A plastic case is a useful addition, but it also suggests that this is a professional model, made for construction applications. Despite all of this, the price is more than affordable, making this model a great value for money. Pros: • A powerful 8.5 amp. electric motor. • Integrated clutch. • Vibration reduction system. • 3 Joules of impact energy. Cons: • Massive (19.2 x 12.8 x 5.3 inches). • Weight (12.2 pounds).

Goplus 1-12” SDS Drill, Electric Rotary Hammer

Now we have an opportunity to speak about the Goplus 1-12” SDS Drill, Electric Rotary Hammer Drill. It is one of more popular, new models, made by a less-known manufacturer that we mentioned before. Still, this unit delivers more than enough features and advantages compared to the price. Yes, it is almost 4 times more affordable than similar models, so as an entry level rotary hammer drill, it is probably the best alternative. Addition: It can be compared with more expensive models and it will be better than some of them. Besides an affordable price, you get a lot of accessories and a case. It is a model that can be used for DIY and semi-professional applications. The speed of the rotor is 900 RPMs, which isn’t much, but it is sufficient for most projects. A low weight and small dimensions are another advantages of this model. We will mention that it comes also with a 90 days warranty and 30 days money back feature, something you usually don’t get with units in this price range! The bottom line of this rotary hammer drill is simple. You will get a great model for the price, it just isn’t perfect if you are planning to use it every day for up to 10 hours. On the other hand, for minor and semi-professional operations, it is the best choice. Pros: • Low price. • Well-made. • Comes with a case. • Additional attachments. Cons: • 900 RPM. • Isn’t practical. • Manual.


Now you are ready to buy your new rotary hammer drill. All of these models should be taken into account. Why? They have all the features and advantages we mentioned at the beginning. They are also new models, made by well-known manufacturers, so you get a trusted drill. The main reason why you should take these units into account is the safe-buy fact. They are tested and designed for heavy-duty operations. As the result, they will meet all your demands, no matter how tough/simple they were. We used models that are not as heavy as most competitor units. This also makes them simpler and better for longer usages, up to 8 hours per day. If you are in a construction business, the best rotary hammer drill is here and you should be careful when choosing it. With our help, you will get the best value for money and the best tool for your semi-professional or professional projects.

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