A soldering iron is a tool with a metal tip that gets hot, very hot that has heats wires, transistors leads and other, applying solder in the joints of two work pieces to put them together. Having a variety of applications and capable of solving most electric problems that may appear at home or work, a good soldering iron will provide proper heat to control the boot, be long lasting and protect even sensitive electronics while working with a medium to high voltage.

A soldering iron is considered both useful and dangerous because it gets very hot, and solder itself is molder metal and can be a danger especially for your fingers. To avoid this we recommend you to wear protective gloves and safety glasses. Considering all the models on the market, you have the chance to choose one suitable for small projects or for daily use, A soldering iron usually feature between 15 and 100 Watts and the one that are small are also called soldering pens or pencils and the tool has a switch trigger-styled so it is easy to control with one hand. Some of soldering needs around the house it can solve are dealing with PBC projects, repairing jewelries, LED lights, computer components, replace capacitors and accessories and solder loose wire and circuits of small gauge. Ready to handle all these, a soldering iron is suitable for both professionals and beginners, for work needed home or at a job. We present you the best soldering irons and we hope you will choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Product Rating Price
Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station 4.5/5 $
6-in-1 Soldering Iron Gun with Carry Case and Cleaning Sponge 4.6/5 $
Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit 4.5/5 $
Vastar 16-in-1 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron 4.3/5 $
Stahl Tools SSVT Variable Temperature Soldering Station 3.8/5 $

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

This soldering station is capable to sold together two work pieces offering variable power control from 5 to 40 Watt with a simple turn of the knob on the base of the station, for you to use it as you need. It only takes 1-2 minutes to fully heat up so you can begin the work and for temperature control you can adjust the heat output. The item is compatible with a variety of excellent tips, an easy to control and durable pencil iron with a ST3 iron-platted cooper tip, and has an on/off switcher with power-on indicator light. In order to produce high quality solder joints you have to pay attention the way the solder flows when you heat the joint. The tips are high-quality, made of cooper plated with iron and, to make them last longer, you should consider to keep the tip tinned even while sitting in the holder and don’t leave it switched on when you don’t need it. The package includes iron-platted copper tip, a sponge tip cleaning pad and a safety guard iron holder. This soldering station is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals and you can use it with no worries every day for couple of hours.

6-in- 1 Soldering Iron Gun with Carry Case and Cleaning Sponge

This soldering iron is a general purpose solder, offering a control knob to set the temperature high or low, depending on what type of material are you working with. To keep it safe and easy to carry in the same, the product comes in a hard plastic case with interior covered with foam to keep all the pieces in place. The tips come in 5 different models for all the material you need to solder and to change the tip you have to unscrew the screw above the black rubber, remove the tip that has to be replaced, put a new tip and tighten the screw clockwise. Its work voltage is 110V and is powered by 60W, with a temperature range between 200-450 Celsius degrees. In case you work with high temperature we recommend you wearing gloves for protection or you can wrap the handle with heat resistant tape and to use its steel stand for stability and avoiding burns. The unit handles like a much more expensive tool, is suitable for precise work, for daily use, and it comes with an iron that is suited for work on small work surfaces.

Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit

With so many helpful items and enough power to handle any electrical challenge, this soldering iron is best for house projects and daily use at work. To change its temperature there is a temperature dial that notes 200 to 450 Celsius degrees. This solder is powered by 60W, suits for 110V, covers a large variety of electric activity and offers 6pcs of double sized assist tools, as well as 2pcs anti-static tweezers, models ESD-10 and ESD-15, with a folding stand and a cleaning sponge included. The package also includes a solder sucker made more of aluminum than plastic and a tin wire tube. It is recommended to set the iron at a suitable temperature and the highest one only when needed so you avoid shorten its life. This tool is heats fast due to inner-heated ceramic technology, but the handle won’t get hot, for safety, is easy to handle, the tips take solder well and it comes in a PU leather case that holds all the items secure and helps to comfortably carry it.

Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with Desoldering Pump

Compatible with a variety of solders, this soldering iron comes with a great kit that includes many accessories to help you handle any electronic challenge. It comes in a hard case that keeps all items together so you can carry with ease when needed. To provide better heat dissipation efficiency, it has an upgraded high-pipe design and it is powered by 60W and its working voltage is 110V. Made of top quality materials, iron plated tip and stainless steel, this iron does not require a soldering station, just plug in and it’s ready to go. In order to solve different soldering works, this tool comes with 5 soldering iron tips and the option to change the temperature: you can adjust the temperature between 200 and 450 Celsius degree, controlled by a special thermostat circuit and set by a knob wheel. The package includes also a soldering stand, 6 soldering accessories, a pocket pack solder, anti-static tweezers and a manual with instructions for you to use it right out of the case. Also, when you plug the iron solder for the first time, some smoke may come out from the tip end, but it will stop in short time.

Stahl Tools SSVT Variable Temperature Soldering Station

Powered by up to 40Watts, this soldering station has enough power to face all the electronic work that may appear near your house or at your job. Its temperature varies between 150C, 300C, 350C, 450C degrees (302F- 482F degree) to cover a large amount of soldering works and it is recommended to pay attention when working with high temperature. It is grounded with standard 3 prong plug and it has a base made of metal that does not over heat even when you use it for a long time. The rotary dial is the heat range selector and this iron is wired into the station’s base, not to the plug, but it won’t be a problem to assemble and pull down. The tool has an on/off switch with an indicator light so you know when the iron is hot and cushioned rubber grip to provide comfort while in use. The tip is replaced and you can change it with another by unscrewing the knurled nut from the barrel assembly and, while doing this, you have to switch the station off and allow it to cool down.


To get a clean result you need to use properly a soldering gun and we offer some simple guiding directions in order to make this work easier and safer for you. You have to prepare the soldering iron and the solder, and here it’s important to keep the tip clean which should be coated with solder, when the temperature is high enough, just put the solder wire close to the joint and the solder will melt and fill by flowing freely between joints. When the tin is enough, remove the solder wire and to power off the soldering iron take it away in a direction approximately 45 degrees. Also, it is recommended not to pull the tip of the soldering iron outward and nor using it in that way so you will prevent shortening its life. Most of these tools come with extra tips for cutting away unnecessary circuits on PBC, connecting the lines and components, compressing small components of electronics, removing small resistors or cleaning dust and residues in the solder part. That’s why a soldering iron is a useful and practical tool that will make your work easier and more comfortable.

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