While most tools are well-known and commonly used, tap and die sets are something that may be less-known, if you are a beginner with refurbishing and creating items from metal. In any other case, these kits are so important that it isn’t possible to have a proper workshop without them. Despite the fact, there are a lot of kits on the market, some of them should be avoided. Luckily, we will help you choose the best ones.

What to look for in these sets is a common question. The first thing to consider is the material itself. Usually, you will have two alternatives. You can choose between high speed steel (HSS) or carbon steel. High speed steel is more durable, tap and die set will stay useful for a longer period of time, but they are far more expensive. These sets are perfect for industrial applications. Carbon steel sets are more affordable and they are sufficient for most people. They can be used in commercial applications as well. The length of the handles has an important role as well. Smaller ones are perfect for inexperienced individuals, simply because they help you reduce the risk of making a mistake (if you apply too much torque, you can damage the thread). Ratcheting handles are longer, and they are suitable if you have more experience. The sizes of the tap and die are important. For example, SAE is still used in the United States, so make sure a set has these pieces if you live there. The ideal set will have metric and SAE pieces, which means that they can be used in all parts of the world. Some kits come without a case. Maybe they are cheaper, but they are not recommended because organizing the set will be a nightmare. We have compared some of the most popular kits on the market. Some of them were eliminated, so here are the best sets.


Product Rating Price
IRWIN HANSON Machine Screw/Fractional/Metric 4.4/5 $$$
GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set 4.5/5 $$
Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric tap and die Set 4.2/5 $$
Neiko 00911A Premium Tap and Die Set 4.2/5 $
TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set 4.1/5 $

IRWIN HANSON Machine Screw/Fractional/Metric Tap

This is the best tap and die set, due to a simple reason. It comes with 117 pieces, so it can be used for almost any operation you have in mind. All of this is packed in a case that can withstand rough transport and years of use. You get drilling bits as well. They are placed in the upper part of the case and they are protected with a cover. More than ajust useful feature. Still, the best advantage is the fact this set features fractional and metric sizes! Die pieces feature hexagon design, which makes them more resistant and durable than conventional pieces. We also liked the feature that the set is available in versions with 12, 41, 53, 66 and 77 pieces, making it suitable for most people. All elements are made from carbon steel. They are strong and they will stay sharp for a long period of time. Pros: • Available in different versions. • Comes with a case. • Features drilling bits. • High-quality. Cons: • It is slightly more expensive than rival models. • Some taps may lack identification number.

GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set

The GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set was expensive, but now, it is more than just affordable. Nevertheless, this set features high-quality carbon steel elements, paired with an amazing case that has indexed holders. There are 75 pieces in the set, but you will still be able to use it for metric and SAE sizes. It is highly practical and lightweight, meaning that it is probably the best tap and die set for field applications. T wrench is a masterpiece. This ratcheting handle is capable of significantly increasing the torque you can apply and it makes the entire set functional for more demanding operations. Taps can be removed easily, but they will be held in place thanks to the auto-locking feature. A handle in the set is reversible, which means that you won’t experience annoying hand over hand turning. This also makes the entire set quicker to use and help you complete a task with the use of less force. Pros: • Reversible handle. • T wrench handle. • SAE and metric sizes. • Well-made case. • Lifetime warranty. • Value for money. Cons: • Lack of larger sizes. • More pieces could be useful.

Craftsman 75 pc Inch Metric tap and die Set

If you are looking for a mid-level set, the Craftsman 75 pc is a great choice. First of all, it is almost two times more affordable than other 2 sets here. Then, we have 75 pieces in the kit, which makes it a bargain. All of them are packed in a case that actually can be compared to more expensive kits. We also liked the fact there are small, storage compartments in the case itself. Definitely a clever feature. Taps and dies will be sorted according to their dimensions, and you get indexes on the case. Inch and metric taps are included in the package. The entire kit is made from asteel alloy, so it is surprisingly strong and durable. We must mention that T handle is agreat addition and it is strong. However, it features an obsolete design. The bottom line is that this is a great set for the money. Pros: • 75 pieces in the package. • Durable case. • T-handle. • Made from carbon steel. • Value for money. Cons: • T-handle features obsolete design. • Some taps must be forced into the handle. • Indexed sizes are hard to see.

Neiko 00911A Premium Tap and Die Set with Titanium Coating

This is one of the most affordable sets on the market, but it features quality that can be compared to more sophisticated and therefore more expensive sets. We like some of the rare features it has. There are 40 pieces in the set, but all of them are perfectly machined, do they offer the highest level of precision. All of them are placed in an ABS case which is also well-made and practical. In addition, the case features small dimensions, so it is compact. Surprisingly, all the pieces are made from asteel alloy, but they are titanium coated, so the end result is anextreme strength. It is a real pleasure being able to get a set with this feature, within this price range. All the elements are heat treated, which also has a positive effect on the durability and the amount of torque they can withstand. The bottom line is that for minor applications, this is the best tap and die set. Pros: • The case is included. • Titanium coating. • Heat treated. • Affordable. • 40 pieces in the set. Cons: • Only SAE sizes. • Isn’t perfect for more demanding operations.

TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set

As an entry-level set, this unit is very good. Of course, it isn’t suitable for commercial applications not for industrial tasks, but as an addition to an average workshop, it is highly recommended. We liked the 60 pieces that are included in the package. This number is higher than most sets from this price range have to offer. They are made from steel, so all the bits and elements are durable and can withstand a decent amount of torque. The case is rigid and useful, but it isn’t as great as other units here have. Still, we liked how all the pieces are sorted and categorized. Finding a suitable one is quick and simple. Another advantage this set has to offer are the measurements. There are SAE and metric pieces, so it can be used for many operations. The end result of this set is very good. It may be the best in its class. Pros: • Affordable. • 60 pieces in the set. • SAE and metric sizes. • Made from steel. • 2 pitch gauges are included. Cons: • The case isn’t high-quality. • Shouldn’t be used for very hard metals.


The best tap and die set here is the one that can withstand all your operations and meet your expectations. Of course, it means that you must know what your demands are going to be. Once you have figured it out, choosing the right set is simple. We tested and compared different sets, from different price ranges and with different features. In essence, here are products for any usage you have in mind. We revealed you advanced and simple sets of the newer generation. We began with more professional kits that can be used in commercial applications. There is a mid-range set, well-made and capable of completing most tasks. Even the most affordable ones here, offer a decent amount of strength and precision. They are simply great value for money. The bottom line is that your new set will last for a long time and it will offer you the latest features and the exceptional durability. All 5 sets come with cases, so transporting them and using them in different locations is extremely simple.

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