While working in a workshop and especially a garage, you need protection for eye damaging factors that are all over the way in such projects, a headgear that has as a main purpose to keep in safe your eyes, neck and face. For beginners or professional welders, eye safety is vital, most important because retina burns are very dangerous and can even led to vision loss. The best protection is offered by a welding helmet.

In general, the more interested you are to invest in a welding helmet, the more you care about your safety and comfort. In order to select the best helmet, you have to consider some features that you may need for work, such as auto- darkening lens, at least two sensors for detecting the welding arc, mounted near the lens, the protection level for ultraviolet and infrared harmful rays, its ability to be lightweight and comfortable for you to work in restricted spaces. Almost all models introduced today are auto- darkening: they have more shades that allow you easily to see through, changing the shades depending on the background, indoor or outdoor, the inefficient action of lifting and lowering the helmet is resolved, and your neck won’t be sore at the end of the day, no need for flipping up and down. Also, the quicker you eyes are shaded when a high intensity light appears, the better, so lens reaction time is important to be set properly. The best way to keep a helmet always ready to use is to have one powered by an internal removable battery and solar assist panel, both offering a great quality immediate. We present you five of the best welding helmets, all with important features and considerable safety functions for your eye’s protection.


Product Rating Price
Antra AH6 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 4.5/5 $
Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask 4.6/5 $
Hg Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask 4.2/5 $
Instapark ADF Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 4.4/5 $
Flexzion Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Powered 3.8/5 $

Antra AH6-200- 0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This welding helmet help you improve your welding ability, providing a larger viewing size and increasing your comfort while working. It has 4 premium sensors, auto –darkening lens, which are fast responsive to most electric arcs, below the solar changing panel and a large viewing size, featuring 3.86”x1.73”. The helmet has 5-9 and 9-13 variable shade that represents its great feature among other models. Other important features are: fully automatic power that you can set on and off, battery indicator and testing, a knob to adjust and delay settings, and UV/IR protection. The battery it’s replaceable and it’s a solar cell + 2X CR2032, installed. It is perfect for grinding, cutting or welding, allowing a great amount of light to go through, while protecting your face and eyes, and you can actually see what are you working in normal lighting. Its main purpose it’s to protect, so the mask has an instant reaction, when you start welding, acting as a shield for your eyes. If you need less protection while working, the mask offers a great range of adjustments and you can easily adjust it to have much better visible area than other masks.

AEW Auto Darkening Solar Power Welders Welding Helmet Mask

PROLINE introduces a lightweight and durable welding helmet with auto-darkening feature for more comfort and instant protection for your eyes. The plastic coverage makes you feel it like air light and the graphic design looks flawless. The helmet has two sensors located between the solar panel and view window, it’s automatic, with fast recovery, and you can use it wherever you choose: indoor, in a dark place or outdoor, in daylight- it will work perfectly with both. Offering a high-range safety, it has full coverage UV/IR protection, up to shade DIN 16 all time, but you can choose the level, 14 is the one recommended for a safe use whenever. A darkness adjuster is on the side of helmet and the small knobs locate inside help with adjusting how fast you want the helmet to respond to a welding flash. The welding shades used are 9-13 and it has grind settings. It is powered by batteries that can be charged through the solar charge panel. The welding helmet comes fully assembled and it can be used right out of the box, with no other modifications.

Hg Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask

This welding helmet may seem a simple accessory for a workshop, but its features prove its great function and durability. A durable plastic is the material that covers view window, offering a lightweight construction. The mask has an adjustable head band, so you can adjust it just the way it will fit perfectly. While it’s an automatic helmet, it features auto-darkening view window that is good to use in both outdoor, in day light, or indoor, in a poorly illuminated place. The main purpose of the helmet is to keep you safe, providing full range UV/IR protection, up to 16 DIN all time, and also you can choose the level of shades, it has a darkness shade control from 9-13, depending on the type of your work and how fast you want the mask to react at the flash of a welding process. You can use the helmet right out of the box, it comes fully assembled. Offering a high-rage protection, perfect fit and made of lightweight material, this item is durable and useful for protecting your face and especially your eyes from any electric light or even small parts of any kind of material that may harm you.

Instapark ADF Series Gx-350S Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This solar-powered helmet stands up due to its auto-darkening filter that can switch from light to dark instantly, offering the possibility to use it without problems in both indoor and outdoor, while keeping your visibility area extremely clear. The helmet is ergonomically designed and made of lightweight materials, and it’s padded in the interior for more comfort. It has an adjustable headband that allows you to put it close or away from your face, depending on what work you have to get done or the way you feel comfortable. This helmet two arc sensors and it’s fully automatic, you can set it on or off when you need. It is solar and battery powered and the battery is replaceable, making this item long lasting. In order to minimize eye fatigue, it has improved optics for 12-13 denomination and, also, a large viewing area with shade adjustments, between 9 and 13. The grinding setting is helpful, but you should remember to turn the dial back to the desired shade before going back to welding so you’ll be safe whenever.

Flexzion Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar

This welding helmet is universal auto-darkening, unique through its sticker graphics that combine colored flames, lightning and skulls. Its main purpose is to provide best safety functions, provides a permanent UV/IR protection, it’s made of high quality and strong materials that are fire repellent, and you can adjust the head band in order for it to fit comfortable. The UV protection level is 16, allowing you to change it when you work in both outdoor and indoor. You can choose to set it on grinding or welding mode, depending on the work you have to get done and you can adjust the shade on a range between 9 and 13, as well as the delay time. It is battery powered and works with two AAA battery it also has high solar performance cells. The item can be used right out of the box, does not requires any further modifications. Its design and comfortable fitting are a plus for one that needs a durable helmet to complete all the challenges in a workshop.


A best way to keep yourself safe it’s to use a helmet that has adjustable or variable shade lens. The models presented adjust from shade 9 to 13, where shade 13 is rarely used, only if you weld at high amperage or your eyes are really sensitive. These adjustments can be made from either outside or inside of the helmet, depending on the model or interior padding. While concentrating on safety level that the best helmet offers, you should also consider another important aspect of this helping tool if you are a professional welder: the weight of the helmet. When wearing one of these protecting masks almost all time during a work day, your neck may get sore. To avoid this unwanted consequence after a day of work, we chose helmet models that are lightweight, reduced fatigue on your neck and increase comfort while using them. Think about the time you have to spend welding before purchasing a welding helmet, in case welding is a part of your career you might need to invest in the best helmet, take time to explore the options you have and then decide for one that is suitable for your work.