Wood glue is an adhesive, a liquid solution for every door, window, furniture, deck, panels and other surfaces and pieces made entirely or partially of wood. Conventional yellow or clear carpenter’s glue, waterproof glue, wood filler and others are the product to look for whenever a woodwork piece is damaged, whether your cat scratched the door, there are small gaps in the wood floor, the window frame got chipped away or you just need to get together two joints/ wood pieces.

Now, there are few things you should know before starting to put glue on or between pieces: the surface you’re applying glue on has to be cleaned with care to eliminate any dust, dirt, grease or unfinished chips of wood; before taking the glue out of its tube make sure you have close to you a tool to spread the glue all over it should get and a damp cloth to remove the glue excess; when sticking the glue in or spreading it on a wood surfaces, make sure you take time to cover every inch, so there won’t be parts left unglued; pay attention to the instructions before opening the glue, so you’ll know how quick it gets set and how you can remove it when it’s still liquid; some glues get fully cured in few hours, but others need 24 hours to set completely and is recommended to give it a rest as required in order to obtain the results you expect. To help you choose the glue and repair any piece of wood, we present you a list of five of the best wood glues on the market, with specifications for you to find and use on effectively and effortless.


Product Rating Price
J-B Weld 8251 WoodWeld Quick Setting Wood Epoxy Adhesive 4.4/5 $
Gorilla Wood Glue, 18 oz. 4.7/5 $
Franklin International 5066F Titebond Original Wood Glue 4.4/5 $
Elmer's E848D12 Carpenter's Wood Filler 1/2-Pint 4.4/5 $
Franklin International 1414 Titebond-3 Ultimate Wood Glue 4.7/5 $

J-B Weld 8251 WoodWeld Quick Setting Wood Epoxy Adhesive

For any repair requested, this wood adhesive is fast and resistant, with great action that sets in 6 minutes, with minimal pressure and no clamping necessary. After is set, it will cure in 1 to 3 hours, depending on the season and temperature, if the temperature is below 40 degrees F, the time may be longer. The glue works great on furniture, even massive one, decks, windows, doors, trim/molding and many more outdoor or indoor projects. For its best action, is recommended to be used on wood restore products, wood, epoxy and adhesive, rotted wood, and other materials with main wood as the main compound. Before applying the glue onto the surface you must be sure that the surface is properly cleaned, of dirt or grease, then squeeze equals part from tubes and mix them together, apply with a tool, shape as needed and let it set and dry. After it sets and dries, it will stay in place exactly how it was applied and won’t expand or chip apart. This wood glue is a two-part epoxy system and, when fully cured, it allows any shaping such as tapping, filling, sanding or drilling, as needed.

Gorilla Wood Glue, 18 oz

This water-based adhesive is easy to use and effective, having a great holding power for both outdoor and indoor repairs. No need to have experiences with wood glues with this projects, it can be used by carpenters, woodworkers, and hobbyists. It is water-resistant, suitable for all seasons and temperatures, and after it dries there will be a natural color, almost invisible when getting two pieces together. For the best results is recommended to clean properly the surfaces the glue is about to bring together or to be applied on. If the wood is not very thick, you don’t have to apply the glue on both surfaces, but for the woods that are hard to glue, you may consider using glue on both parts. Also, there is no necessary need for clamping if the pressure applied is proper, but that can be determined by many factors such temperature, the porosity of the wood and even humidity of the room, so 20-30 minutes of pressure/clamping are requested for a secure set. The amount of time needed for the glue to get maximum strengthen is 24 hours and after this, you can finish or sand it to get it on the same level with the object it was used on.

Franklin International 5066F Titebond Original Wood Glue

Made for the woodworking industry, this wood glue is the original formula that has been preferred by both professional and hobbyist carpenters for over 50 years. It gives professional results, covering any wood repair indoor or outdoor, ideal for both hardwoods and softwoods and some porous materials as particleboard, leather, cloth and more. Easy to use, solvent free and non-toxic, it is safe to storage in a garage or indoor, it can be cleaned with water while is wet. For outdoor projects, it has medium water resistance, so is better not to use it on surfaces that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. The glue won’t stain after is set, won’t absorb stains in time and is better to finish the edges of a surface while the glue is wet. It takes few hours for a complete set, but on softer materials, it takes less; you should let it under clamp in that time, just to be sure there won’t be parts left behind unglued. Its strength, wide variety of applications and low price for a gallon are the main advantages when purchasing it.

Elmer’s E848D12 Carpenter’s Wood Filler 12- Pint

As the name presents its main function, this product is a wood-filler that resists shrinking and cracking in time, finishing and protecting the wood surface it’s applied on. Solvent free and easy to clean, it can be used by any hobbyist to repair indoor or outdoor woodworks. You can apply it as much as you need, it can be cleaned easily with water and a cloth as it is still wet. After applying it you have to give it a rest for few hours to set perfectly and avoid any unglued part. The glue is paintable and can be sanded gently so you’ll get a smooth surface even on delicate interior furniture, it has a natural color, and, when no painting is added, it cannot be stained quickly. More than covering, you can use it to fill little holes on hardwood floors or the marks from old nails in a cabinet, just make sure there is not big color difference. Also, it should be not used on surfaces exposed to extreme weather conditions for long. Elmer’s wood filler is a great adhesive solution to get professional results: the outside part of a woodwork can be now as strong as the inside part.

Franklin International 1414 Titebond-3 Ultimate Wood Glue

While offering superior bond strength, this ultimate wood glue is proved to be waterproof even on outdoor surfaces exposed to rain and snow. Titebond-3 is non-toxic, solvent free, safer to use than traditional waterproof glues and can be easily cleaned with water while is still wet on the surface. It resists solvents, mildew, and heat is unaffected by finished, remaining as applied, protecting the wood. Its color is light brown, to get as close as possible to the color of wood, so you can use it for filling in small gaps in the floor or furniture. Offering also lower application temperature and longer assembly time, the glue meets the water-resistant specifications. Safer than other models, this glue is approved for indirect food contact for you to repair the scratches or wood chips on a kitchen table. When you decide where to use it, make sure that the surface it will meet is properly cleaned, no dust, dirt or grease for the best results, apply the glue and wait few hours for it to set perfectly. In the end, you’ll get a smooth surface or two joints glued together and it won’t budge, crack or anything than remaining as you expected.


Wood glues are one of the easiest glue to use because it can be easily cleaned while is in a liquid state, using water, so you don’t have to be a professional carpenter just to get two pieces of wood together or to get a wood surface straight filling up small holes. Regular wood glue is the best when you don’t have delicate pieces to repair, so inform about the time it sets and how long you have to let it dry before using the wood pieces. Wood glue can last by far few good years without the danger of having the pieces falling apart if there is not a great pressure applied on them after being glued, of course) and if it water-resistant then you can use it with no worries on outside woodwork, even exposed to extreme weather conditions, as the rainy season, a very hot summer or freezing winter days. If you plan to apply glue on raw, untreated wood, then you have to be sure there is no wood dust or finish on the joints, or the glue won’t hold. For most of your projects, any waterproof glue will work just fine and you may even find it relaxing to join together pieces of wood and see later how they are glued by a clear line.

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