Work lights are developed to allow you to work in dark conditions. New models are better than ever and they come with interesting features and possibilities. This also means that before getting a new work light, you should think about your demands. When and where you are going to use that light.

There are several types of work lights. Some of the most common are hanging, clamp-on and base mounts. The name will describe the main application of work lights, so there is no point in explaining this point. However, it is an important factor that should be taken into consideration, before you buy a new unit. A completely separate fact is the type of light a new unit will have. Older models have incandescent bulbs, which are nowadays obsolete, so we won’t recommend them. The main drawback is that they provide yellow light and they cause heat! A much better alternative are newer LED work lights. They are energy efficient, they can last much longer than the previously mentioned model and they don’t cause heat, so you can use them in situations where heat is a severe threat. They also generate white lights, therefore improve the visibility. It is obvious that a work light is going to be used in rough conditions, so the best work lights must be resistant to impacts and must be durable. Always look for this feature if you are going to use your unit on the terrain and transport it often. Key points here are high-quality plastics and robust design. A handle may be a small part of a work light, but it also has an important role. You will probably use your unit with gloves and with dirty hands, especially if you are a car mechanic. In essence, you need an ergonomic handle that can withstand all of these usages. Because you will use it for a long period of time, an ergonomic handle is something to consider as well. We found the best work lights you can possibly have right now. We tested and compared them, so you can see their results.


Product Rating Price
ATD Tools 80360 Saber-II 60-SMD LED 4.5/5 $$
ATD Tools 80390 Saber II 90-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable 4.3/5 $$
ATD Tools 80318 Saber II 18-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable 3.2/5 $
ATD Tools 80330 Saber II 30-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable 4.0/5 $$
Ingersoll Rand 216B Impact Wrench 5.0/5 $$

ATD Tools 80360 Saber-II 60-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

The ATD Tools 80360 Saber-II 60-SMD is the best work light you can find right now. It is designed specifically for tough operations, so it gas rigid design, it is immune to the impacts and it even comes with a bumper. You also get 2 hooks, one at the bottom and one at the top, which allow you to hand this work light anywhere you want. Another thing we liked is the handle. It is soft and ergonomic, but you can actually see how durable it is. The dimensions are 15 x 2 x 1 inches. So it isn’t small. The weight is 1.2 pounds, only, so it is lightweight, which is another advantage. There are some advanced features as well. First of all, the work light will stop charging in order to prevent battery damage. You also get auto discharge off and a new lithium-ion battery. Fully charged, this battery will provide up to 3 hours of running time. Pros: • Resistant to the impacts. • Two hooks. • 3 hours of running time. • Small and lightweight. • LED. • Overcharging protection. Cons: • It is complicated to replace a battery. • 1 year warranty.

ATD Tools 80390 Saber II 90-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

This is another work light that is designed for professionals. It is well-made, it comes with all features you are going to need and it is loaded with important technology. All standard features for this manufacturer are here. So you get two hooks, rechargeable battery, new LED light and impact-resistant design. One of the hooks features 360 degree rotation, so you can get a better illumination. A handle is also upgraded if we compared it to the older version. Now, it is softer and more rigid, so we can say that it is more durable as well. The battery inside is Lithium-ion and it has been developed especially for this model. You will get 3 hours of running time and it comes with overcharging protection. The advantage of this feature is that it prolongs the lifespan of a battery. The bottom line of this work light is that you get all essentials you are going to need. A strong construction guarantees you the most demanding usages, and the light would handle them without a problem. Pros: • Great quality. • Modern design. • LED bulbs. • Overcharging protection. • 360 degree hook rotation. Cons: • The battery should last longer. • Could use brighter LEDs.

ATD Tools 80318 Saber II 18-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

This model is smaller than the other two, but it is made by the same manufacturer and it comes with similar features. Of course, you get a lower number of LEDs and lower amount of illumination. However, thanks to the small dimensions, this is the best work light to use in tight areas. Keep in mind that it also comes with 3 hours of running time, a lithium-ion battery, overcharging protection and impact resistant design. The dimensions are 13.8 x 5.7 x 0.8 inches and the weight is 10.4 ounces. Now you can see how small and practical, this work light actually is. The size doesn’t have a negative effect on the amount of brightness you get. In essence, these are the same LED bulbs you get on bigger models. But, because you get fewer of them, a surface that will be illuminated will be smaller than in other cases. Despite this, the handle is well-made and it is also resistant to various threats. In general, this may be the best working light with these dimensions. It is small, but it is powerful. Pros: • Small and practical. • LED lights. • Compact. • Modern handle. • Extremely lightweight. Cons: • Come with just one hook. • Isn’t suitable for illuminating larger surfaces.

ATD Tools 80330 Saber II 30-SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

The new model that is a combination of all three units we have mentioned here is finally here. It is also a small unit, compact, resistant to the impacts and perfect for all kinds of operations. It is made from high-quality materials, so it is extremely rigid and well-composed. You also get a bumper that will protect the work light from the impacts. Other features are the same as for other work lights made by this manufacturer. You get 3 hours of running time and lithium-ion battery. An interesting facts are the dimensions and the weight. Although the actual dimensions are 17.1 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches, the weight is 3.5 pounds, which made it the heaviest work light here. Nevertheless, this is a model that should be taken into consideration. It is a professional work light. Pros: • Two hooks. • Great features. • Bright light. • Resistant to the impacts. • Battery life. Cons: • Heavy. • An upper hook isn’t extremely resistant nor durable.

Ingersoll Rand 216B Impact Wrench

The new Ingersoll Rand 216B Impact Wrench is all except a conventional model. First of all, it comes with compact design and the manufacturer claims that it is suitable for usages in narrow spaces, which we agree. Despite the compact design, you can see the quality and you get an impression that this impact wrench will be used for a long period of time. The weight is 2.96 lbs. so we can add the fact that it is made from heavy and durable materials. The max torque is 175 feet of pounds, which is another great fact about this model. Keep in mind that it is a smaller impact wrench, so don’t expect some extremely high values. A throttle is designed to look like a butterfly. It allows you to easily set up the desirable speed in a matter of seconds. Pros: • Well-made. • Compact and practical. • Butterfly-style throttle. • Powerful. • Easy to use. Cons: • The design will require some time to get used to it. • Slightly heavy.


A mandatory thing to know is that looking for and getting the best work lights isn’t as simple as it looks. We did a research, and we discovered that there are more than thousand models of these products on the market. Most of them are cheap alternatives that will break the first time they hit the floor. As the result, we chose only the best and only the most advanced products of this kind. All 5 of them are on the list, and they are here because they have been developed for rough and heavy-duty applications. We also used only LED models, because they offer the best illumination and they last a lifetime. On the other hand, we have affordable prices and high functionality. All of this means that no matter which works light you choose, you will get a reliable device that will serve you for many years and it will be useful all that time. Now, you can finally work in the dark and actually complete a task.