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5 Best Dovetail Jigs

Dovetail jigs are among the most specialist ‘tools’ around. After all, if you are not cutting dovetails regularly, then they are probably not going to be of much use to you. If you are cutting dovetails ‘one off’ then you should probably be fine making up your own dovetail jig. However, if you want guaranteed accuracy time and time again, then there is no better route to go down.

6 Heavy Duty 14 inch Bandsaws Reviewed

Here at ToolsReviewer , we love our bandsaws. There is nothing quite like cutting through a solid piece of wood with ease. Since you are interested in a 14-inch bandsaw, we are going to assume that you already have a solid idea about what a bandsaw is.

Best 12 Volt Air Compressor of 2018

When you have a deflated tire overnight, or you know it has some air-leakage from time to time, best way to put your car safely on road is to inflate that tire using an air compressor. Most of people are used to solve the problem of a deflated tire at a gas station, but having a 12-V portable air compressor is handy and even offers you a peace of mind, especially when you go camping and anything can happen on a long trip.

Best 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Brad nailers are simple tools that are simply mandatory when it comes to DIY projects. Yes, there are a lot of different models on the market, but not all of them should be taken into consideration. In a matter of fact, the best 18-Gauge brad nailer is complicated to find. Here, we will help you with your choice. The first thing to know is that this type of nailers uses small nails. You will be able to choose between 2 or 2 18 inch nail sizes. Beginners usually consider for buying 2 inch nailers. They are smaller, more compact and they are more affordable. However, unless you are capable of finding perfect 2 inch nails, this isn’t a great option. Some nails are a bit longer than they are specified, so they are useless. Therefore, buying a 2 18 inch brad nailer is a safer alternative.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Easy to use and a time saver when you have to paint large surfaces or difficult ones, an airless paint sprayer can get you out of troubles less than an hour, providing enough power and precision to cover smoothly. Its tip is designed to break up the paint evenly into tiny drops, all into the form of a fan. This allows the paint to sit onto the surface smooth, without leakages, brush marks or badly covered spots.Easy to use and a time saver when you have to paint large surfaces or difficult ones, an airless paint sprayer can get you out of troubles less than an hour, providing enough power and precision to cover smoothly. Its tip is designed to break up the paint evenly into tiny drops, all into the form of a fan. This allows the paint to sit onto the surface smooth, without leakages, brush marks or badly covered spots.

Best Angle Grinder

If you currently own a car that is older than 5 years, there is no way you can try to fix anything of significance about it, without having an angle grinder at hand. After years and years of rain, heat, and snow, every bolt on the car will be seized, you can be sure that there will be signs of rust here and there, and there will be certain the situations where all the WD-40 in the world will not be enough.

Best Band Saw Reviews of 2018

Band saws are used in industries, by handymen and by ordinary people across the planet. They are useful, precise and for most jobs, the main tool. More advanced models are well-designed and they come with amazing features. In order to get the full potential, you will need the best band saw.

Best Belt Sander Reviews

Belt sanders started their lives as small tools, used for just one application. To remove paint and polish certain areas.The first models were low-powerful, heavy and they have a lot of drawbacks. All of this is the past and today’s models are completely different. They are reliable, easy to use and the features they offer are simply impressive. Of course, all of this you get if you choose the best belt sander.

Best Bench Vise

It is almost funny how even the smallest children associate the idea of working in a garage, whether you are building a tree for or working on your car, with a bench vise; and yet there are few enthusiast do-it-yourselfers that actually consider investing in a good quality bench vise. You may think that the one you currently own, and that has been passed down from your great-grandfather, is still up to scratch, or you may think that you do not really need one. But the fact remains that the good quality bench vise may actually save your life because it is the cornerstone of do-it-yourself safety. You can use it to hold on to things why you are cutting them in a much better and safer way than just by putting your foot on top of them or having a friend/son hold on to the. You can use them as counterweights and they give you a lot more precision when drilling holes through wood or metal. But the place where a bench vise really comes into its own is when manipulating metal.

Best Benchtop Planer Reviews of 2018

Benchtop planers are machines that offer performance in woodworking by bringing major changes to, what is first, a simple piece of wood, turning it into a great furniture piece or a useful tool. One of these strong machines is able to provide an excellent surface on wood, accurate dimensions and perfect aligned edges.

Best Car Battery Charger

The time has passed when car battery chargers were simple devices designed for just one application. New models are better than ever and they bring a lot of features and improvements. In order to get the best car battery charger, you will have to know a thing or two about them.

Best Catalytic Converter of 2018

Air pollution is something that we hear quite often, is a common place term nowadays, but, unfortunately, contamination of the air is still too much. One of the factors that cause air pollution is our car. Yes, the vehicle that takes you to your job or college every day, or your way to take a trip in the mountains to breathe fresh air.

Best Chainsaw Reviews of 2018

A chainsaw is still the best way to cut wood anywhere you want. Although, this is a simple fact, choosing the best chainsaw isn’t. There are a lot of models on the market, and each one is designed for a specific type of operation and purpose. You must know your demands, before buying a new chainsaw.

Best Circular Saw under $100

The circular saw is also known as a buzz saw and it is a tool that is used to cut wood, metal, plastic and different works of masonry. A circular saw is usually characterized by a metal disc or a blade with teethed edges along with a mechanism that make the disk spin. Such a tool is either table mounted and operated by power or is a portable, handheld device. For those who are looking to buy a circular saw, they need to choose a tool that comes with a motor powerful enough for their needs.

Best Cordless Circular Saw

If you’re an handy man, or in the construction and renovation business, then you know that a good circular saw is essential. But finding a good cordless circular saw can be difficult when you consider all the options available on the market. A good circular saw should have good autonomy, be reliable and able to take any task. It should also be durable and come with a good warranty. In this article, we’re going to review what we think are the best three cordless circular saws on the market based on budget, performance and quality.

Best Cordless Drill Kit of 2018

There are few things that can help when you have to put together a piece of furniture, drill some holes or any other activity in a summer house that’s the middle of a field or simply in a place where you cannot reach an outlet to charge your tools. For situations like those, you have now a tool that is not only portable and lightweight but is also cordless for you to get your job done whenever.

Best Cordless Drill of 2018

Cordless drills are essential tools in your arsenal. They are practical, can be used for many applications and they are powerful. However, you need the best cordless drill in order to get all of this, and something more.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are usually powered by electricity or petrol. Electric models can be divided as corded and cordless. We will be focused on those with batteries, therefore we are interested into cordless hedge trimmers. They are the best of both worlds. They are eco-friendly, quiet and they don’t have annoying power cords, same as petrol powered units. As you may know, they are currently the most popular type of hedge trimmers.

Best Drill Press Reviews of 2018

Drill presses are simple tools that come with a lot of features and a lot of applications. That’s why they are a very important piece of equipment in most workshops and factories, across the world. Of course, if you are planning to get a new drill press, you are going to need a model for your specific applications. This means that industrial drill presses are not a wise choice (due to big dimensions and a high price).

Best Dual Action Polisher

There is literally no better way to improve the way your car looks, and do it on a budget, then by polishing it. Polishing can bring back to the original color, it can make it vibrant again, it can make it pop, it can get rid of minor scratches, and it can get your car looking as beautiful as the day it came out of the factory. However there are a couple of things that you need to understand about the polishing process, the most important one of which being that it can also ruin your car to the point where only by going back to bare metal and doing a full repaint can you fix it back up.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

If you have a hedge, you are going to need a hedge trimmer, obviously. There is no point in hiring a professional for these services when you can do them all by yourself. Even better, using a hedge trimmer is simple and it doesn’t require prior experience. Now when you know this, you should know that choosing a correct hedge trimmer is slightly more complicated. There are several types of them, cordless, electric and petrol powered. In this case, we will be focused on electric models. They are lightweight, powerful enough and they are affordable. In essence, they are great value for money.

Best Electric Log Splitter

Splitting logs with an axe may be interesting when you have small logs and just a few of them. However, when you must prepare wood for the winter, axes are useless. After all, they have been used since 6.000BC, so it is finally the time to replace them. As you may believe, log splitters are the answer to the question. We think that electric models are the best, simply because they offer numerous benefits.

Best Framing Nailer of 2018

Since they were developed back in the 50s, nail guns become an important piece of tool that has been used by professionals and amateurs. In both cases, the time needed for you to complete a task will be at least 30% shorter, simply because nailing by using a hammer will be eliminated! Nowadays, we have different types of nail guns. Smaller are usually used for precision works and they require smaller nails. Framing nailers are much bigger and they use bigger nails, obviously. Models of this type are used to put two pieces together.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews

If you ever heard “There is no such thing as a mechanic in a bottle”, well, now it’s time to let something prove you that is not correct, there is something that has the same action on the engine as a good mechanic has on a car, and that thing is a fuel injector cleaner. More horsepower, increased mileage, improved fuel economy and clean engine: these are not a fairy tale, these are the results of using a fuel system cleaner. It is true that how often you shall use one depends on your driving habits too, but you can use it every time you decide to change the oil in your car, so it will be a double benefit for your engine, or you can use it as a part of regular maintenance for the car and have it once a month.

Best Garden Tiller of 2018

Garden tillers are a necessity for all gardeners. There is no other solution when it comes to preparing the soil for planting. However, these machines are far more complicated and far more needed than you may believe. The best garden tiller must be your first choice, simply because these are not tools, these are machines, so they are more advanced and they offer a lot of possibilities.

Best Gas Chainsaw of 2018

Gas chainsaws are designed to meet expectations of the most demanding people. They are powerful, quick and they are compact. Due to their complexity, you must get the best gas chainsaw. It is impeccable if you want to get the best features, durability, low maintenance and a high functionality.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer of 2018

Gas hedge trimmers are something you are going to need if you have a hedge that is longer than a few meters. They are more powerful, more durable and faster than electric tools of this type. They are also designed for longer and more frequent usages than the electric ‘’cousins’’ so we prefer gas powered hedge trimmers. Of course, you are going to need the best gas hedge trimmer simply because it will have all the features you are going to need and it will be able to withstand all types of applications. On the tower side, electric trimmers are more affordable and they are more suitable for minor applications, so they have their advantages as well.

Best Impact Driver of 2018

Impact drivers are similar to cordless drills. However, these tools make 5 times more torque than ordinary drills, therefore they can undo any bolt you have in mind. Still, they are lightweight and compact. Thanks to their simplicity, but a huge role in tough jobs, an impact driver will help you complete any task at least 30% quicker than without it. They are also the only alternative to undo old and rusty bolts.

Best Impact Wrench Reviews

All car mechanics know a real value of an impact wrench, because they are the ones who must deal with rusty bolts that cannot be undone! This isn’t the main application of impact wrenches, but thanks to the torque they are able to generate, you will be able to undo the most difficult and the oldest bolts you can find. Although, using this tool is very simple, it is a complicated piece of engineering.

Best Infrared Thermometer of 2018

Infrared thermometers are easier to use than regular thermometers and their accuracy is better, in a shorter time. The infrared light works just like the visible light, so it can be focused reflected and absorbed, and this type of thermometers use lens to focus the light from an object to a detector that turns it into heat. Reading an infrared thermometer is surely easier because now it has a display that shows the numbers exactly and some of them have an audio function that will read out loud some instructions to start measuring and then the temperature itself.

Best Jig Saw Reviews

Jig saws are the most versatile type of saws you can possibly find. All of them are so useful that you won’t need other saws if you use these ones. However, this also makes them a bit complicated, so you will have to know the a thing or two before ordering your new jig saw. The main secret of jig saws is in the electric motor they use. Due to the fact they use jig blades, they are slower than saws with rotary blades. In order to compensate, you will have to get a saw with a more powerful electric motor. It will generate more strokes per minute and make cutting better and faster. If you are professional and look for a professional jig saw, this fact is #1 and it is commonly related to the best jig saw.

Best Jump Starter Reviews of 2018

Jumper starts are portable batteries that have as a main purpose jump starting most of the vehicles and that a true life saver in a roadside emergency, especially when you are in a trip. Most jump starters do more than just starting a car and their most useful features are: having a 12-Volt output for you to charge essential electronics like a phone, laptop and electrical blanket when you are away from a power sources, having a USB port for charging phones, tablets, flash lights and other accessories, providing at least 120-psi for situations when you have to deal with an deflated tire, featuring a high-quality, bright, dual LED flashlight that can be rotated and has an SOS mode for emergencies, and, very important, that lasts more than 100 hours on full charge.

Best Line Lasers of 2018

Line lasers were simple tools, but nowadays, they are advanced devices that are simply mandatory for most jobs. They are precise, powerful and they can make a difference in the quality of your work. Before everything, it is important to realize and determine which laser line is needed for your specific type of work. There are models designed for just one application or those designed for a variety of operations.

Best Log Splitter Reviews

A few decades ago, an axe was the only way to prepare logs for winter. It may be a healthy way because it involves a huge amount of physical activity, but it is also the most time-consuming alternative and it can cause injuries. Back pain is the most common type of them and splitting logs by an axe isn’t for people in their middle ages. Is there another alternative? Yes, there are. Simple and advanced tools, called log splitters are far better than any axe, due to a simple reason. They are less time-consuming and they won’t require a huge amount of physical activity, which eliminates the risk of potential injuries.

Best MIG Welder of 2018

A MIG welder can only be used on thin to medium thick metals, all types of commercial available metals and alloys, fact that makes it perfect for projects around the house, in a garage with small metal works or any other ideas for people that are simply passionate about DIY projects and for artists with the willing on creating the unexpected.

Best Measuring Wheels of 2018

Measuring wheels are compact and simple, but they are precious devices that allow you to get a precise distance, which is needed for some huge task. They are used in construction, in research, and in several other aspects. This suggests that you must have the best measuring wheels that guarantee you the highest level of accuracy. In this case, even the smallest mistake can have huge consequences.

Best Milling Machines of 2017

Milling machines are complicated and advanced machines, used for the most demanding operations. As you would imagine, they are rich in features, and they are complicated to use. But first of all, it is complicated to choose the best one, simply because there are a lot of different models on the market.

Best Mitre Saw of 2018

If you are wondering which the best tool for making accurate cuts is, then you should know that a mitre saw probably is the best option that you can get. Mitre saws are some of the best power tools that can do cross cuts, but not long rip cuts. They are also known as drop saws and they are popular for their small to medium size, portability and ability to make precise cuts in a variety of materials.

Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews of 2018

OBDs, or On-Board Diagnostic systems are in most cars that hit the road nowadays, all the models dating since 1996 and newer and they became more sophisticated with years passing. In the ‘70s EPA was introduced - Environmental Protection Agency, and that started a series of emission standards and requirements for the maintenance of the vehicles in time, all to diagnose engine problems and to control functions of the engine.

Best Orbital Sander of 2018

Orbital sanders are a mandatory piece of equipment for professionals and amateurs and they are something you will need if you want to get a perfectly smooth surface. New models have been designed and made to meet the criteria of the professional power tool enthusiast. This means that they have everything you may need and something even more.

Best Oscillating Tool under $50

Are you looking for a multi purpose oscillating tool? Such a tool is available in hardware stores mostly, but today one can procure such a tool at online forums as well. Such a tool is a hand held device that can be used for cutting, grinding and sanding. Genesis GMT15A multi-purpose oscillating tool is one such handy device which one can use as the equivalent of a hand held power tool. There is a difference between such a tool and spiral saws, rotary tools and angle grinders.

Best Oscilloscope of 2018

An oscilloscope is a must have tool to all engineers and electronic equipment servicers. It is used to monitor the signal voltages, to track their changes, their frequency, rising and etc. The first models were analog, but nowadays digital oscilloscopes are a priority. That’s why we prefer them. The best oscilloscope is hard to find, so we have explained to you, some of the features and requirements it should have.

Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture of 2018

Spray painting is a technique that became popular due to its great results in a short amount of time and to some advantages such as spreading paint, stains, lacquers and many other types of coatings, finishing a piece way faster than with a roller or a brush and offering the chance to use it on many surfaces, such as cement, bricks, wood, glass. Usually used to paint pieces of furniture that need to be renewed, paint sprayers can successfully be used also outdoors, on fences, decks, frames and any small to medium project.

Best Planer Reviews of 2018

The latest planers are versatile, modern and money-saving. Their main point it to help you with wood works and get presurfaced lumber. We all know that the type of lumber in question is very expensive, therefore these tools are extremely useful. They are capable of removing 1 inch (+/-) of material at a time, leaving perfectly smooth surface and you can use for any application you have in mind.

Best Plasma Cutter of 2018

A plasma cutter is used to cut any electrically conductive metal and it behaves like a high-temperature gas, but with a major difference and that is the fact it conducts electricity in order to cut through a metal. If you work with metals often or on a daily basis, you may know how important it is to have near you a good plasma cutter that provides accurate and clean cuts whenever and that matches your needs and accessories.

Best Plunge Router of 2018

Plunge routers are used for trimming, cutting and making the edges better. They are a separate type of mid-segment routers and they are currently the most needed and the most popular tools of this kind on the market. However, this also means that they are rich in features and complicated. In order to get the maximum potential, you are going to need the best plunge router.

Best Pneumatic Hammer of 2018

Also known as an air hammer, and commonly called so, a pneumatic hammer is a tool in which compressed air is used to produce the impact blow, to chip away metal, brick, stone or other materials. Attached to an air compressor, a pneumatic hammer does a job by far more efficient and quick than the manual alternative.

Best Portable Generator Reviews

A portable generator is a perfect solution if you need electricity in remote locations, such as forests, mountains, and even deserts. The first fact you should know is that all portable generators use petrol or diesel in order to produce electricity. In essence, they are small engines with additional rotor and stator, used for generating electricity.

Best Pressure Washer Reviews of 2018

A pressure washer is a solution for all the inconveniences and outdoor tasks around your house, especially in summer, when everything gets covered by pollen, mud, dust, and dried grass clipped a few days behind. All these surely stop your yard from looking fresh and perfectly clean, but now you can manage the whole season with just a portable machine, an electrical pressure washer.

Best Ratchet Set

There are many tools that both a home mechanic and a professional need, but there is one that is so essential, it is impossible to even think of a person as a mechanic if he does not have it, and that is the ratchet set. Long time mechanics will often have 3 or even 4 sets and each one will have an intended purpose, including the set that they are willing to lend out to friends and the set that they only use when working on their own cars or cars that are worthy of it.

Best Reciprocating Saw of 2018

We all know that reciprocating saws are one of those tools that every house should have. It is also one of the most important tools in the construction business and it offers a lot of capabilities. Still, some individuals believe that reciprocating saws are small, impractical and they are made just for just one purpose. All of this is a mistake. Yes, the main purpose of reciprocating saws is slicing through wood, metal, and other materials, but these gadgets have been improved in the latest years, so today, they offer a lot of capabilities. Despite the fact they can be treated as many tools in one, reciprocating saws are affordable and there are a lot of different models on the market that are highly rated, for professional and ordinary applications.

Best Reloading Press of 2018

It isn’t a secret that most people like to use guns and to shoot, in nature and during hunting, obviously. An interesting fact is that most professional hunters like reloading their bullets by themselves. This brings two advantages. One is the price, reloading your own bullets is far more affordable and the other advantage is related to the precision and accuracy, simply because reloading allows you to mix various components, as you prefer. The end result will be a perfect bullet, reloaded according to your specific specifications.

Best Rotary Hammer Drill

A rotary hammer drill is a powerful tool, developed purely for professional applications. These drills are big, massive and they are the only choice for uses with the masonry. The specific design, paired with the latest features is definitely something you will need when it comes to your new rotary hammer drill.

Best Rotary Tool of 2018

A.J. Dremel was a pioneer in the rotary tools. If fact, he invented the first one. Today, these tools are a necessity in the construction works, in home repairs and in many industries. This also means that there are a lot of different sub-types of rotary tools. In general, all of them have an electric motor that rotates an element. The key is in the additions a rotary tool can use. They can be used for cutting, polishing, brushing and many other operations. The best rotary tool will simply have the ability to support all additional parts, which suggests that it can be used for more operations.

Best Router Table Reviews

A router table is simple but more than just needed piece of equipment to most workshops. The best and the most important advantages include a lot of uses this machine has to offer. It is mandatory in every professional workshop and it is definitely something that can make a difference between a beginner and a professional end result. Still, most beginners don’t know why they need a router table and they choose not to have it. If you are one of them, you must know that this isn’t an option. If you want to get a professional product, you are going to need the best router table.

Best Screwdriver Set Reviews of 2018

Screwdrivers are probably one of the mandatory tools each household and every single person should have. They are more than just useful and without them, repairing or simple fixes are not even possible. Due to the importance of these tools, manufacturers made millions (literally) of different units. Just one type of them are screwdriver sets. We will help you get the best one! Before getting your new screwdriver set, make sure you know which type you need. Flat-head screwdrivers are simple and the most common type. They have one flat blade used for undoing screws.

Best Scroll Saw Reviews

You are looking for a brand new scroll saw? Well, you should know that these are delicate and precise tools, developed especially for carving shapes and curves in a material. They are different than any other saw, you may find, so we can say that they are special. Now, the useful fact you must know is that the design of a scroll saw is different as well. They have a table and a blade support is fixed, so you will have to move and maneuver a material you are cutting, rather than moving a saw. This allows you to cut more precisely and to make amazing curves and shapes.

Best Soldering Iron Reviews of 2018

A soldering iron is a tool with a metal tip that gets hot, very hot that has heats wires, transistors leads and other, applying solder in the joints of two work pieces to put them together. Having a variety of applications and capable of solving most electric problems that may appear at home or work, a good soldering iron will provide proper heat to control the boot, be long lasting and protect even sensitive electronics while working with a medium to high voltage.

Best Sump Pump Reviews of 2018

If you have problems with your basement from all the water that is flooding it from time to time or to get rid of the water left behind in a large pool, the best help for you is a sump pump. Used to remove the water from rains or ground water in a sump basin, a pump will move the water out of the pit through pipes that will run it away from the foundation of your house. Is best if the pump has a function that will automatically turn it on when the water is few inches high and shut it off when the water is low, so you won’t have to go check every time.

Best TIG Welder Reviews of 2018

TIG welding is a process that requires two hands, a good welding machine and some experience in case that the work that has to be done includes some delicate parts or surface and it became an attractive and effective replacement for manual arc welding. Being versatile when it comes about metals, TIG welding offers performance, but it is also difficult to handle because it requires some good techniques and good focus in order to provide the best result.

Best Tap And Die Set

While most tools are well-known and commonly used, tap and die sets are something that may be less-known, if you are a beginner with refurbishing and creating items from metal. In any other case, these kits are so important that it isn’t possible to have a proper workshop without them. Despite the fact, there are a lot of kits on the market, some of them should be avoided. Luckily, we will help you choose the best ones.

Best Tile Saw of 2018

You may believe that tile saws are identical to other saws, used to cut metal and wood, but they aren’t! In a matter of fact, these saws are completely different and they cannot be compared to the ordinary saws, despite the fact visually, they look similar. This also means that the best tile saw must have some different and unique features.

Best Track Saw Reviews

A track saw is a small and portable tool that comes in many, different sizes and with many features. In general, they are designed to make long and straight cuts, but they are better than most circular or table saws, so they are commonly used by handymen and by those who need a high level of precision. While they are made for the same purpose, they work on a completely different principle than circular saws. On those machines, you must push a piece of board or a material in order to get a cut. A track saw is pushed in order to make a cut, so they are completely different. By pushing, you get more precise cut and you use less force. Also, a risk of an injury is lower.

Best Vibration Tester/Meter

A vibration tester/meter isn’t a device that is bought every day. These are precise and accurate units, designed for professional usages ONLY. There are no cheap and models that are developed for professionals. Each unit is developed for the strictest users and for the most demanding applications. Sadly, there are some, entry-level models, but they must be avoided due to the fact they may provide false readings, which has a lot of related side effects. That’s why it is impeccable to buy the best vibration tester/meter!

Best Weed Eater Reviews

Weed eaters or commonly known as trimmers are the latest addition to weed cutting jobs. They are small, lightweight, and they are practical. On the other side, they come in different sizes and with different capabilities.

Best Weed Wacker of 2018

Weed wackers are extremely desirable and needed tools. They are easy to use, practical and they are affordable. Nevertheless, these tools are a powerful solution for annoying weed. The latest models are usually electric units. Many people choose them due to the fact they require no maintenance and they are durable. Of course, you will get this only if you choose the best weed wacker.

Best Welding Helmet of 2018

While working in a workshop and especially a garage, you need protection for eye damaging factors that are all over the way in such projects, a headgear that has as a main purpose to keep in safe your eyes, neck and face. For beginners or professional welders, eye safety is vital, most important because retina burns are very dangerous and can even led to vision loss. The best protection is offered by a welding helmet.

Best Wet Dry Vac of 2018

Comparing conventional and wet/dry vacuum cleaners isn’t even possible. Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are more sophisticated and they are better in any way. The main reason why, is the fact they allow you to clean wet and dry spots and messes, while ordinary vacuum cleaners can be used only for dry mess! These vacuum cleaners are also smaller and more practical. You get all of this only if you choose the best wet dry vac!

Best Wood Chipper Reviews of 2018

If you have trees and bushes in your yard you know exactly that you need to clean them every spring and fall, and, speaking of bushes, every few weeks. For typical homeowners, owning a wood chipper or a chipper shredder is the way to go when all the trees have t be cleaned and you find yourself with a big pile of dried wood in front of you.

Best Wood Glue Reviews of 2018

Wood glue is an adhesive, a liquid solution for every door, window, furniture, deck, panels and other surfaces and pieces made entirely or partially of wood. Conventional yellow or clear carpenter’s glue, waterproof glue, wood filler and others are the product to look for whenever a woodwork piece is damaged, whether your cat scratched the door, there are small gaps in the wood floor, the window frame got chipped away or you just need to get together two joints/ wood pieces.

Best Wood Lathe Reviews of 2018

A wood lathe is a machine tool that can turn a simple and unattractive piece of wood in art, or, depending on what expectations you have from it, in very helpful and practical tools and objects. It operates by rotating the piece that has to be turned in something new and useful on its axis and there are performed different operations such as cutting, drilling.

Best Wood Router Reviews

Right now, there are more than 100 different wood routers on the market. This doesn’t mean all of them are a great choice! However, this means that you will be able to find the one that can meet your expectations! Most people make a mistake when choosing the biggest wood router. Bigger isn’t always the best, so pay attention!

Best Work Boot of 2018

Good work boots can make a huge difference for your work and especially at the end of a hard day. No matter if you work in construction, industrial work, agriculture or you go hiking, all these activities request a lot of standing and walking, so your feet need as much comfort and protection as they can get. And what is better than a great pair of boots to keep them dry and cozy?

Best Work Lights of 2018

Work lights are developed to allow you to work in dark conditions. New models are better than ever and they come with interesting features and possibilities. This also means that before getting a new work light, you should think about your demands. When and where you are going to use that light.

Circular Saw Reviews

Anyone who has ever gotten serious about working with wood will know just how useful and important a circular saw can be. Used properly it can do the job of 3 or 4 other tools, and it can shave hours off your work time. One of the main reasons why a circular saw is so useful is you can bring it with you wherever there is a piece of wood that needs to be cut and do the job there. It is light enough that you can cut a rotten ceiling beam right on the ceiling, and it will make the cut clean enough that you can come with a replacement part and add it in without any extra hassle. Of course, the problem with most circular saws is that the lighter they are, the more powerful they are, and they more reliable, the more you have to pay for them. And whether you are making a leaving out of working with wood, or is just a hobby, you need to make sure that you can keep the price as low as possible.

Electric Tiller Reviews

Electric tillers had a huge impact on the market, when they appeared, a few years back. Nowadays, most gardeners use them, due to specific reasons. They are affordable, small, and lightweight and they can prepare the soil for all plants.

Framing Nail Gun Reviews

Framing nail guns are the most advanced and the heavy-duty type of all nail guns. This made them mandatory for construction businesses and for individuals who need the best tool of this type. Their main advantage is the ability to use 3 ½ nails, needed for more demanding operations. Due to the complexity and the price of these tools, you are going to need the best framing nail gun.

Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Gas chainsaws are far more than simple tools that can be used for minor applications. They are complicated, powerful and useful tools. Keep in mind that the safety is extremely important here! Gas chainsaws have been among us for decades and they are getting better and better every day. The main advantage they offer is the engine itself. It is more powerful than electric models have and it can be used anywhere you want (doesn’t require electricity to run).

Miter Saw Reviews

A miter saw is a tool that can make cuts at a variety of angles, using a blade, and it can be used almost on any type of material, metal or non-metal. Most of the workshops own a miter saw, because it is really a great help and saves time and hard work just with a plug-in and a few cuts to get the best angle. One that is single-bevel will make cuts in one direction, but a double-bevel can be used in both directions for more flexibility and accessibility.

Oscillating Tool Reviews

Today is a great day to begin a new project of improving your home, because we have so many new types of products on the market that it is almost impossible to decide which one you should buy. The one new thing that no enthusiast or entrepreneur should be missing from their tool box is an oscillating tool. It used to be that these things would only be good from sanding, but now, you can changed the sanding foot for a cutting disk or blade that you can use to make very delicate cuts straight on to the wall or floor surface.

Ultimate Tool Gift Guide for the Handyman

For those that are beginners in handling with all the projects that appear around the hose, no matter if something has to be shortened, polished, finished or changed, gift guides for a handyman are the tools to go with because they are all a hobbyist need, all accessories and attachments necessary for beginning the work right after opening the packages.