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Best Digital Multimeter of 2019

Multimeters are, by their very definition, conglomerates of various devices, all measuring one thing or another, so finding the best digital multimeter is like trying to find the best holiday destination without knowing who is going to go. So, when we started to look on the market for the best digital multimeter we actually started to look for the various types of professionals and amateurs that would need to use such a device. Ultimately we found 5 different categories of users and only after we had established what their needs were, we came up with the following list of choices.

Best Multimeter under $100

It is a well known fact that, unless you are a high end electrician working on very special projects, you do not need to spend more than 100 dollars on a good quality multimeter. However, we wanted to see if you could find an excellent multimeter for less than $100, and we believe we have done just that. To be clear, we were not looking for a multipurpose multimeter that will measure light and sound intensity, outside temperature and perhaps make you a cup of tea. We were looking for an electrician’s multimeter, accurate, reliable and sturdy. After a lot of searching we found the Klein Tools MM1000

Best Multimeter under $50

It was an almost impossible task to find a multimeter that costs less than 50 bucks and that was still worthy of the title. Fortunately we were able to find something in the 50 dollars range, albeit slightly over the mark, and it is definitely worth the money. The Mastech MS8229 is by far the best multimeter in its category and it has some incredibly cool features that should make you want it even more. But before we get into its wonderful features, we need to make one thing clear: the Mastech MS8229 is not an advanced electrician’s tool. For this kind of money we are talking beginner to intermediate electricians who have not yet committed to making a profession out of this.

Best Multimeters Reviews of 2019

Multimeters are helpful tools when it comes to detect any electrical problem and they are more and more requested because despite seeming difficult tools, you only need to be clear on the basics of electricity to use such a device. This only applies for a beginner on a handyman, of course.