Woodworking is not limited to cutting and shaping wood. There are lots of additional activities that are done in order to give the final touch to the wooden items. One of the most important works for giving final touch to the wooden items is to add details to it. Detailing helps in giving the electrifying looks to the wooden piece and make it more personalized.

A great tool used for detailing on the wood is Plunge router. It helps in creating the intricate designs on your wooden piece. It is a versatile tool that helps in creating the fluting work, trimming of the wooden item and crown molding. Plunge routers can be used to cut out the countertop for sink and cleaning the hinge of the door. There are many people who do not know how to use a plunge router? You can resolve your queries by reading further.

Steps to use the plunge router

Set the plunge router:

It can be perplexing to set up the plunge router. You need to have certain things before setting up the plunge router. These items include Plunge Router, Router bits, Wrench and Clamps. To set up the plunge router, there is a need to plunge router bit. These are the bits that are available in different sizes and shapes. It can be used to create straight cutting, curved surfaces, create beveled edges and groove joinery. Right type of plunge router should be used for getting the right finishing. Plunge bit can be set by turning the router upside down. Spindle nut is thus loosened with the help of the wrench. After placing the bit in the slot, the wrench is moved in the clockwise direction to tighten the spindle. Check that the spindle is tightened correctly but it should not be over tight.

Use stable surface to clam the wood

In order to get the right kind of finishing, you are needed to use the right surface for performing the detailing work. Generally, a flat and stable surface is needed to get the right finishing. As, the router bit spins in the fast motion, there is a need to use the sturdy surface to keep the plunge router in its position. Once the plunge router is fixed on a flat and sturdy surface, it turns the wood for detailing instead of drilling it. On correct positioning of the plunge router, the wood piece will be steady and even the drilling of the wood will be done easily.

Plunge bit depth is needed to be set

Desired depth is needed to set up in the plunge machine for the right cutting of the groove. Depth guide should be pressed to release the spring which holds the bottom plate. Push this plate in the right direction according to the depth in which you want to cut the groove. You can even use the ruler or scale for measuring the depth. After setting the depth, you have to release the ruler to lock the plate at the desired depth.

Plug it

Finally, you need to plug in the plunge router to work with it. Hold the router with both the hands and check the positioning of the bit through a slot which is there to get the view of the bit. Push the power button slowly to start plunging the bit into the wood piece.

Tips for effective results

Certain tips are needed for witnessing the effective results of the plunge router. It can save your lots of time, effort and wood in crafting the wood and creating the wooden masterpieces. It is very important to know how to use the plunge router to get the explicit result in every attempt. Some of the useful tips include:

Variable speeds

Carefully hold the wooden piece and position it correctly. As, the router bit moves in the clockwise direction, you should apply the pressure in the opposite direction in order to firmly hold it for desired detailing. On spinning the router at a faster pace, there are possibilities to lose control over the wooden block or hurt yourself. So, it is important to keep the speed of the router slow. But, some of the detailing is done at a higher speed. Hence, there should be variable speed features in your plunge router.

Don’t make deep cuts at once

It is one of the most important tips to get the best results. You are needed to make the shallow cuts first on the surface. You can either make a single shallow cut or a series of shallow cuts to get the greater control over your router and you will be able to get the right cuts.

Sharp router bits should be used

There is no use of blunt and curved bits. It will be effective in getting the desired results. You should always use the sharp and pointed bits for perfect cutting and adding detailing. Use these considerations before working with plunge router. You can also take help from the guide or instructors for using this device for getting the best results.