Vibration testing is a very crucial task done in the world of mechanical devices. Whether you are manufacturing or repairing a mechanical device or even testing its functions as part of its regular maintenance, you will find vibration testing beneficial in effectively diagnosing problems that mechanical devices are encountering.

Most of the time, mechanical devices show signs of something wrong such as the emission of unusual sounds, reduced energy efficiency and a lot more. Through vibration testing, the root cause of these problems can be detected and addressed thereby ensuring that the mechanical device is already functioning properly.

Now, when it comes to vibration testing, the fluke vibration meter is proven to be a very useful instrument.

What is a Fluke Vibration Meter/Tester?

Fluke vibration meter is a portable device used to measure the overall vibration of a mechanical structure or device. In fact, aside from overall vibration, this vibration meter can also measure the device’s bearing vibration and temperature. This tester is portable because it looks just like a remote control but it can effectively conduct accurate vibration testing.

The Advantages of a Fluke Vibration Meter

• Makes Accurate Measurements. The fluke vibration meter is a feature-packed device and all the features packed in its truly handy body have very useful functions, adding to its accuracy in taking vibration measurements. These features include a highly advanced and effective sensor, audio, LED lights, flashlight and a lot more. The fact that it has a lot of features makes it very useful in achieving quality results.

• Provides a Convenient Way of Taking Measurements. Additional features not only make the fluke vibration tester very easy to use but they also make this tester very convenient to use. All the features you might need can be found in this device. The fluke vibration tester is a portable and handy piece of instrument and this adds to the convenience most mechanics experience while using it. No matter where the device to be tested is located, portable testers like this can be carried around without much effort.

How to Effectively Use a Fluke Vibration Tester

1. Setting up the Vibration Meter

Upon switching on the fluke vibration meter, you will be faced with the default screen wherein a default measurement is shown. You have the option to setup this device before taking measurements.

Language Settings. In order to effectively use the tester, you need to set its language into something you can understand or a language you are more comfortable with.

Date and Time. You can also set the date and the time as this can be useful when recalling measurement data in the future.

Emissivity Settings.This refers to the ability of the surface being tested to generate heat. If you set up the emissivity settings; you can effectively measure vibrations accurately using the vibration tester. Not all materials give out accurate temperature making way for inaccurate measurements and pre-setting the tester according to what type of material the surface is can help the tester display accurate results.

Machine Category. You have the option to input the type of machine you are testing before you take the measurement. The fluke vibration tester is effective in testing a lot of mechanical devices such as fans, blowers, chillers, and a lot more. This allows for a more accurate measurement according to that specific type of machine.

To change and apply settings, simply use the cursor to move around the interface and replace the default data with your chosen settings before saving it.

2. Taking Vibration Measurements

This is the step where you are going to conduct the vibration test already.

o After you have set the tester, push the sign that says MEASURE.

o Make sure the tester is positioned on the right place from the surface which is in a perpendicular position.

o Press the meter tip onto the surface of the device to be tested. The tip is where the sensor is usually located.

o Once the tip is pressed, you will see the green lights flashing on. This signals the start of measurement. Do not reduce the force you used to press on the sensor tip. Keep it consistent. Just keep pressing until the lights blink off.

o Once the lights are gone, the measurement results are displayed on the screen for you to read.

As a matter of fact, you can also opt to choose quick measurement with this vibration tester wherein you can skip the setup phase and just go directly to measurement by simply turning on the device and start following the steps above.

3. Reading, Interpreting and Saving Measurements

After taking the measurement, you can now read the display. Usually, what shows on the display are the bearing vibration, the overall vibration and the temperature. Above the numbers displayed shows the severity levels such as good, satisfactory or unsatisfactory and unacceptable. These are what you will refer to when interpreting the results, with good as the main indication that a certain machine is in healthy condition.

After interpreting the measurements, you can simply push SAVE to save the data if you want to.

4. Using the Audio

The audio feature of the fluke vibration meter is a very useful addition towards taking accurate measurements. This feature allows you to listen to the machine being tested for unusual sounds. You can do this by connecting your headphones to the audio connector of the tester which is located at the bottom of the device. You can do this prior to taking the measurements.

5. Viewing and Clearing All Data

You can review all the data you have saved on the vibration meter. This is very useful when it comes to checking or comparing measurements from previous days to ensure whether there are positive changes to the functions of the machine being repaired or manufactured.

To view the data, simply access the memory screen and navigate the cursor to View All Data. Should you want to clear all the data, simply highlight Clear All Data and select YES when prompted.

As a tip, there are still a lot of features and useful functions that a fluke vibration tester can offer towards accurate vibration testing. So, make it a point to read the manual from front to back until the time you have familiarized the tester completely.