Gas chainsaws are far more than simple tools that can be used for minor applications. They are complicated, powerful and useful tools. Keep in mind that the safety is extremely important here! Gas chainsaws have been among us for decades and they are getting better and better every day. The main advantage they offer is the engine itself. It is more powerful than electric models have and it can be used anywhere you want (doesn’t require electricity to run). The first thing to consider is the guide bar length. This factor will determine how big woods you can cut. We will recommend guide bars with the length of 16 inches. Of course, slightly longer or shorter are still a great choice, if you are an average homeowner. Only if you are looking for a professional gas chainsaw, you are going to need a guide bar of 22 inches or longer. A power of the engine is important as well. Usually, chainsaws with longer guide bars have more power, engines with 50cc or more. With the power, there comes the weight, so all factors are linked. The best gas chainsaw should have a guide bar length that is suitable for your applications, powerful enough engine and it shouldn’t be too heavy. Models with the weight of 10 pounds or slightly more are desirable. Safety is an important feature to consider. More safety features a chainsaw has, it will be safer for you, obviously. Make sure it has automatic brake and a guide bar protection. Although it isn’t safety feature it is closely related. Low vibrations should be taken into consideration as well. They make cutting more comfortable and reduce the risk of making a mistake, therefore make a chainsaw safer to use. All the models here should be your possible choice. They are the latest and the most homeowner-oriented models.


Product Rating Price
Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw 3.3/5 $$$
WORX 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension 4.4/5 $$
Poulan Pro 18 Inch 42CC 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw 3.1/5 $$$
Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw 4.0/5 $$$$
Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 4.0/5 $$$$

Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw

The Poulan P3314 is one of the smallest gas chainsaws, but it is powerful. As you can see, it has a 33 cc engine, with the latest technology. As the result, it is revy, has enough power and it features low maintenance. The air filter cleaning system will force the air to go above the air filter, removing the dust and debris and extending the life of it. Note: The same feature has far roe expensive and advanced gas chainsaws. A guide bar is 14 inches long, which means that it can be used for cutting wood up to 28 inches in diameter. An interesting fact is that the engine is more powerful than the guide bar demands, so cutting is quick and all types of wood can be cut. The weight is 16 pounds, starting the chainsaw is simple (it comes with a primary bulb) and maintenance is low. Pros: • Powerful engine. • Easy to start. • Air filter cleaning feature. • Low vibrations. • Primary bulb. • Value for money. Cons: • Slightly longer guide bar would be better. • Cover plastics isn’t very strong. • Heavy.

WORX 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

This chainsaw is a great alternative if you are looking for something to use back at home. It is made by a well-known manufacturer, it is powerful and it is reliable. In a matter of fact, this is one of the rare models that come with an amazing 3 year warranty. The motor has 14. 5 amp power, which is actually more than enough Thanks to it, you will be able to cut larger wood, without a problem. Oiling system has been upgraded, so now it is better than ever and it comes with the oil tank indicator. Chain brake is built-in and it makes the chainsaw safer. We also liked the fact it has a new, low-kickback system that reduces this issue. Another interesting feature is the automatic chain adjusted. It will adjust the tension accordingly to the operation you use the chainsaw for. In general, a great chainsaw at a low price. Pros: • 14.5 amp electric motor. • Auto-oiling system. • Auto-tension. • 3 year warranty. • Small and compact. Cons: • Chain requires constant sharpening. • Chain brake will activate more frequently than you may need. • Slightly more complicated to cut in the straight line.

Poulan Pro 18 Inch 42CC 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw

This may be the best gas chainsaw for most people. First of all, it comes with amazing features, it is well-made and it is more than just affordable. Still, we liked the power the most. The engine in this chainsaw is 42 cc, which is more than you may need unless you are a profession. It is the latest generation unit, so it is eco-friendly, economical and more durable than the older version. Important: Make sure you make petrol-oil mixture according to the manual. A guide bar is 18 inches long, which is a great feature. You will be able to cut wood up to 36 inches in diameter. Thanks to the aforementioned gas engine, this won’t be an issue. Handles have been re-designed so they are better now than the previous model had. They are ergonomic and have small systems that absorb vibrations, so they make cutting more pleasant. The bottom line is that in this price range, this chainsaw is a simply impressive choice. Pros: • 18 inch guide bar. • Powerful engine. • Great handles. • Value for money. • Small and compact. Cons: • Guide bar harness. • Complicated to start. • Requires a lot of maintenance.

Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw

This is one of the best manufacturers in the business. They have been making gas-powered chainsaws for decades, and they are more than just good. The situation is the same with this model. First of all, it comes with a new 38 cc engine, producing 2HP. It is based on the latest, X-torq generation, so it is eco-friendly and powerful (perfect balance). Thanks to it and 16 inch guide bar, you will be able to cut all types of wood. Note: This model requires chain tension adjustments. We also liked the low weight. It weighs 10 pounds, which is simply impressive. There are no vibrations while cutting and the oiling mechanism will work anywhere you need it. In general, you can use it for most home-based applications and it will work perfectly. Another advantage is the well-balanced design. It doesn’t cause hand fatigue, which is important as well. Pros: • X-torq engine. • 2HP power, but a low weight. • Easy to use. • Lightweight (10 pounds only). • Extremely durable guide bar. Cons: • Expensive maintenance. • Requires certain adjustments. • Isn’t very affordable, which is the situation with most chainsaws made by this manufacturer.

Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

This chainsaw is more focused towards semi-professional applications. It comes with a powerful, 51 cc engine based on the latest generation, so it is more powerful than older models have and the guide bar is 18 inches long. All of this suggests that you can use this chainsaw for more advanced cutting jobs and it will still work perfectly. The chassis is made from heavy-duty metal, which is another sign it is an advanced chainsaw. The quick-start system makes this chainsaw easy to start, even under the cold weather. Both handles have been improved, so they won’t allow vibrations to reach your hands. In essence, this chainsaw is perfect for longer operations. It even has all the components made from strong metal or plastics, so it is more resistant than ordinary chainsaws. Transporting it is easier and better, simply due to the features we have just mentioned. It will come fully assembled, so you can use it as soon as you get it, but keep in mind that you should run the engine for at least 1 hour (with cooling it down) in order to prepare the chainsaw for cutting. Pros: • 51 cc engine. • Durable and heavy-duty construction. • Modern and well-made. • Affordable. • Guide bar. Cons: • Heavier. • Doesn’t have auto air filter cleaning feature. • Gas cap. • The chain is softer.

The bottom line

Obviously, if you take into consideration all the factors and tips we mentioned at the beginning and you look closely to all of these chainsaws, you will be able to get the best gas chainsaw that will meet all your requirements. We have compared these models simply because they offer the best mixture of the price, quality, and features. Of course, you will have to know something about your cutting jobs first. Only then, you will choose the best chainsaw that will be more than just sufficient for your tasks. One reason more, why these chainsaws are so great are their engines. If you read carefully, you should know that all of them are eco-friendly, the latest generation with as low maintenance as possible. Nevertheless, they are durable units, which means that you will use them for a long period of time before you need to invest into some maintenance. At the end, we can only add the fact that all 5 models here are great in their own ranges, and perfect for the operations they are designed for.

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