To do gardening is not an easy job at all as lots of strength and power is required for doing this. There are many things that are included in this activity such as trimming, cutting, shaping and many more. Out of these, trimming is one of the most important activities that require proper attention and skills. There are different types of trimmers available in market out of which hedge trimmers are mostly used. They are convenient in use and help in trimming all the bushes and shrubs that are around your house.

Hedge trimmers help you in saving your time and efforts and are much better then manual one. These types of trimmers are best used in winter season when the plants start producing buds, but before you start trimming there are many tips that you have to keep in your mind. You should take proper care of the blades as they are very sharp and they need to be maintained at least once in a week.

Tips on how to use a gas hedge trimmer

Sharpen the blades: With the continuous use the blades may become robust or prone to rust so, it is necessary to sharpen the blades. You should do it on the fat surface. While sharpening it, keep in mind that the blades are laid straight and cross check that upper and lower blades care in the same position or not. If not then keep it at the same position. Maintain the sharpening angle and to understand more you can read the user manuals that are provided with the machine. In fact, you should read it as it contains pictures and directions which portray how to sharpen the blade.

Remove burr: After sharpening the blade, remove the burr. For this, you can use removal stones that are easily available in the market. After removing the burr, spray resin free spray or multi spray that will increase its efficiency and will protect it from rusting. On the other hand, the cutting will become better and more effective. Hold the machine properly: The blades are sharp so it is your responsibility that you hold the trimmer in a proper way. You should always hold it with the handle and the blade should be in the front side. While working with it wear all the protection gear necessary like the gloves, as it will protect your hand and fingers. You can learn more about holding from the user’s manual or guide book.

Connect the trimmer to the power supply: No trimmer can be used until and unless it is connected to the power supply. You should always use A rated 3 pong extensions. Try to choose such extension that can do the movement up to 4 feet. At the time of using it always keep the cord behind you and the blades should be up while trimming the hedge.

Decide the shape you want: There are different shapes that you can give to the hedge but before you start trimming it you should decide the shape. This is necessary because with its help your understanding will become easy and the work will be done in more efficient way. The healthiest shape that can be given to the hedge is A shape with which sunlight will directly go to the lowest level. Another advantage of giving this shape is that it maintains the growth of the herbs and shrubs. The best seasons to reshape the hedges are summer or later summer seasons.

Clean the trimmer: Once you have finished trimming then before putting the trimmer down, clean it fully. You can use a soft cloth or brush to clean it. After trimming the hedges, gather all the branches and twigs with the help of lawn rake and put all the waste in recyclable bags. Cleaning is important at the end as it makes your lawn pleasant and if you will do all the cleaning after fully completion of the work, then lot of waste will be gathered which might be not easy for you to clean up and everything will become messy.

Things you must consider before starting the work

Apart from the trimming tips, there are many things that you must consider before you start trimming. First of all you should check the weather, keep in mind that you never trim your bushes or shrubs in the rain as it is quite risky. On the other side check whether your machine is in good working condition or not, if not then get all the necessary repairing done by the professionals. There are many such people who try to repair it themselves but when they cannot do it they usually hire the experts.

After this check whether the area in which you are going to work is safe or not. Cross check that children should not be there as it can harm them. Even, if you want you can mark a safe zone where they cannot enter and should not disturb you while trimming.