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Since is constantly growing, we want to help a good student by means of giving away a scholarship. This is also our way of giving back to the community for all the support that we have received through the years.

We are holding an essay writing contest for those who can write on the topic of hand tools, pneumatics, power tools, and more.

Interested? Here is how you can join:

Step 1: Read and follow our instructions carefully

Read and understand every single instruction that we give. In this way, we know that you are capable of following directions. This will also save us time as you have submitted your application in full. There’s a huge number of participants that we anticipate to join, which is why we don’t want any of your time or ours to be wasted.

Step 2: Compose a high-quality 2,000-word essay

As for the topic of the essay, it has to be anything that is related to the website, You can also include a review of tools such as power tools, pneumatic tools, and hand tools. You can ask for help in writing your essay, but be sure that your essay passes Copyscape. Plagiarism is a big no-no. Those who are caught copying content from other sites will be disqualified immediately.

Step 3: Send us your application!

You can send your essay in Open Document (.odt), rich text (.rtf), or Microsoft Word (.doc) format. The essay must also include a copy of your CV or resume and proof that you are currently enrolled in a school, college, or university. Email your application at: . Then, we will review your application. If you win the scholarship, you will receive an e-mail or phone call from one of our judges.

Scholarship Details

The winner of our essay writing contest will win $500. By joining the competition, all participants agree to the fact that the submitted applications are original content. Also, all submitted essays will become the property of The owners of the essays should not post or publish a submission. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Important Dates to Remember

The contest will end on the 31st of July, 2018. The winner of the contest will be announced on the 1st of August, 2018.

Good Luck!