Multimeters are helpful tools when it comes to detect any electrical problem and they are more and more requested because despite seeming difficult tools, you only need to be clear on the basics of electricity to use such a device. This only applies for a beginner on a handyman, of course.


Product Rating Price
INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter 4.8/5 $$
Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter 4.7/5 $$
Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter 4.3/5 $
Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-Functional 4.5/5 $
Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging 4.5/5 $
Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket 4.5/5 $
Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter 4.8/5 $$$
Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter 4.7/5 $$

It is one of the most important aspects when dealing with electricity: inform, do some research, know what you’re dealing with and try to solve only after you fully understood what you need to do. A multimeter is a tool that lets you know how much voltage is between two points in a circuit, how much current is passing through a circuit, it measures parameters within electronics or electrical circuits, one thing after another it does everything on the electrical part. Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are used to measure basic parameters such as amps, volts and ohms and also a variety of other parameters such as frequency, resistance, continuity, temperature, and capacitance.

Choosing the best multimeter is not an easy part, but that’s why there are multimeter reviews, comparison, detailed information about their features and tables with measurements. It is best to know first what you need a multimeter for and what are your expectations. To help you decide while looking through functions and characteristics, we’ll present what you should have in mind:

• Price

• Design and construction

• Compact size and weight

• Ease of use

• Durability

• Accuracy

• Speed

• Screen display

• Technical features

• Number of functions

• Safety features

• Accessories

The best multimeter is one that is reliable, accurate, has multiple functions to choose from, is easy to hold in hand and won’t crack after dropping on a hard floor. Also, a multimeter that guarantees your safety is one to rely on: multimeters are rated at different CAT levels (you can find their importance in the manual of each unit). The screen display is also important: when working in a basement or poorly-lit areas, a backlit LED display is a blessing. Some multimeters are way too heavy for what they’re doing: always make sure you buy a lightweight model and you’ll be thankful at the end of a workday, after holding the unit in one hand. A compact design is desirable because there is nothing more annoying than a tool that is way too big or uncomfortable in your hand.

Next, you’ll find a list of the best multimeters on the market and their details so you can decide upon one that meets your requirements.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Reliable and accurate whenever you need it, Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is the best Fluke multimeter when it comes to find if there’s something wrong with your electrical work. It is mostly used to diagnose circuits, do some sanity checks, test control panels, test batteries and learn about electronic designs. Battery operated, easy to use and hold in the palm of the hand, this digital multimeter is the tool to choose when you want perfect measurements and attention to safety. Fluke 87-V is also one of the first multimeters designed to measure adjustable speed drivers, has a new type of processor and a new PC board layout for the best results. This product comes with the strongest warranty that is available on the market (lifetime) and can last you many years if you take good care of it.

Next, you can find some of its best features:

• This multimeter measures up to 1000 AC and DC

• Measures up to 10A, 20A, for up to 30 seconds

• For accurate measurements on non-linear signals, there are true RMS AC voltage and current

• In order to capture variations automatically, there is a Min/Max Alert

• The built-in thermometer allows you to take the temperature without carrying other separate instruments for this job

• It provides both auto and manual ranging

• The life of the battery is increased due to a Sleep mode

• The display large, backlit and its digits are easy to read

• It has a 6000 count display with 4 updates per second (and in addition a 33 segment bar graph with 40 updates per second)

What’s to like about Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter?

• This multimeter measures Amps (up to 10), temperature, frequency, resistance, and conductance, continuity and diode check

• It measures capacitance with the lowest range being 10.00 nF with a 0.01 nF resolution

• The accuracy of reading is 1% plus several counts and the lowest resistance range is 600 Ohms with a 0.1 Ohm resolution

• It can read resistance less than 500 Ohms

• It has a temperature mode and also includes a K-type bead thermometer probe

• Designed and built in the USA, it was tested to the extreme to withstand dropping, humidity, shock, and other accidents.

• It comes with test leads, alligator clips, an installed nine-volt battery and manual

What’s not to like?

• This unit does not measure amperage on unopened circuits, not with the included probes (you need a separate Amp clamp)

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Fluke 117 was designed to satisfy all demands that a commercial building, hospital or school may have, so this a tool made for a professional electrician, one that has to be at work when wherever is needed and one that should always have with him the best multimeter. It requires batteries (that are included) and is made of hard, resistant plastic. Fluke 117 comes with two amazing features that make an electrician’s life so much easier: an integrated non-contact voltage detection function and an Auto Volt automatic AC/DC voltage selection that are very useful when it comes to preventing false readings caused by ghost voltage. Choose to save time and money with one of the best Fluke multimeters that are on the market.

Some of its best functions are:

• Its operating temperature is -10°C to +50°C

• In order to give accurate measurements even on non-linear loads, the multimeter has true RMS

• It measures 10 A (20 A overload for 30-seconds)

• It has a maximum working voltage of 600 V in both AC and DC ranges

• There is an automatic voltage selection (AC/DC)

• It has CAT III rating

• It is durable and is one of the sturdiest meters on the market

• It has low input impedance to help prevent false readings due to ghost voltage

• The device has a large backlit LED display that allows you to clearly read the results in poorly lit areas

• It provides Min/Max/Average readings

• It has a latched system: you will get a positive tone each time a circuit is completed

What’s to like about Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter?

• It has an integrated holster for you to carry it easier

• In order to offer maximum protection, this multimeter uses a single high-quality ceramic fuse and all of the standard additional suppression devices

• It has an off-center design that you can slide from side to side with your thumb

• It has a hold button that will hold the readings on display if you want to compare or to note them

• It is an excellent meter for parasitic drain testing (since it has 3 decimals on the 10 amp scale)

• The battery door is one-way, so it helps you to properly install the battery

What’s not to like about it?

• This model does not have included an auto-hold feature, you’ll have to push a hold button with one hand

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3340 was designed to meet multiple requires from a professional or a beginner that needs simple and exact readings, it is reliable, gives accurate measurements, and it’s great for testing duty cycle, alternator diodes, solenoids, wiring, breaker points switches and more, making it the tool to go for when you need quick and exact readings. It has great multimeter reviews due to its great functions, such as reverse polarity protection, auto-ranging, protective rubber guards, auto shut-off, RPM reading, alternator test, temperature reading, and nylon pouch. It’s the best multimeter from INNOVA and it was made with high-quality materials to withstand shocks, droppings and to last in humid work environments.

We present you some of its best functions:

• It reads in both AC and DC range

• This meter will read up to 10,000 RPM

•It helps pinpoint engine problems, and it prevents damage to the ECU due to the 10MegOhm impedance

• It measures temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit ranges

Safe for all home and automotive tests, INNOVA 3340 has a UL Safety Certification

• It has a Min/Max function and a hold button that will keep all the results on the screen if you want to compare or to note them down

• It allows hands-free testing due to its built-in stand and wrist strap

• It is powered by two AA batteries

What’s to like about INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter?

• The labels are very easy to read the results, and its simple yet large screen allows you to select the desired tests

• The temperature probe is accurate (it was tested on a variety of applications)

• To save some battery, it shuts automatically after 10 minutes if you’re not using it (it has a warning sound before shutting off)

• There is no need to oscillate between different voltage and resistance setting as it adjusts scales automatically

• Durable and made of high-quality plastic, it has rugged corner guards for protection in case of dropping

• To install the battery you simply have to remove a single screw from the rear of the unit for access

• The multimeter comes in a compact bag that has room for the meter and the lead it comes with

• It also comes with a temperature probe and inductive RPM clamp

What’s not to like about it?

• Its display is not backlit so you may need to read the results in a place that is lightened or use a flashlight

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature

This mini multimeter is simpler, yet very capable to discover anything that may be wrong with an electric panel. Great for electrical troubleshooting, it has all the features you need to get your job done without worrying about the accuracy of the measurements. It comes with a manual that includes an accuracy table for beginners or a DIY enthusiast that doesn’t know exactly what he should expect when reading the digits displayed. This mini device has some additional functions besides its basic ones, such as AC voltage detector, large one-inch digits, auto-ranging, Max hold and data hold, auto power off, type K temperature, capacitance and frequency option and relative function.

This mini multimeter has the following functions:

• A built-in non-contact AC voltage (NCV) detector with audible beeper and red LED indicator that alerts when the voltage is present

• An auto-ranging for selecting the correct measurement range

• A 4,000 count LED screen that displays 1-inch digits, easy to read in poorly-lit areas

• A Max function that helps you capture the highest reading of this multimeter (the numbers are updated each time there’s a higher reading)

• A Data Hold function that freezes the digits displayed when you need to compare or take notes the measurements

• A Relative function allows you to compare a stored value with another

• A Capacitance function, useful if you want to charge a capacitor with a known current and measure the voltage that results

• A built-in thermometer and a Type K bead wire probe

• An Auto Power-Off function that shuts down the device if you didn’t use it for 15 minutes

• It measures AC/DC voltage to 600 V (with 0.5% basic accuracy) and AC/DC current to 10amps

What’s to like about Extech EX330 Auto-ranging Mini Multimeter?

• It displays temperature measurements in both Celsius and Fahrenheit ranges

• The Auto Power-Off function increases the life of the battery by shutting the device down if you forget about it

• The NCV button manages to diagnose many electrical problems by simply moving the multimeter along a cable or wall and listening to the alert sound

• It includes a temperature probe, tilt stand, test leads, an impact-resistant rubber holster, two AA batteries and a manual

• With all its 12 functions, it is great to measure resistance and temperature, to perform diode tests and continuity tests

What’s not to like?

• This multimeter does not include alligator clips, you’ll have to buy them separately

Fluke 116323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

This kit offered by Fluke includes two devices and their accessories: Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter and Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter. Recommended for technicians and professional electricians, this kit is the best Fluke multimeter kit that you’ll find. Both devices were independently tested to face all electrical challenges that may appear, and together are the tools to rely on for a well-done job. The box contains Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter, Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter, TL175 hard point test lead set, Tool-Pak magnetic meter hanging strap, flexible cuff pipe clamp thermocouple, 80BK integrated thermometer probe, 80AK-A thermocouple adapter, soft carrying case with a shoulder strap, test leads and a user’s manual. This kit has the best multimeter reviews until now and it will remain so due to its amazing functions.

Next, you’ll find details about the two Fluke tools:

What’s to like about Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter?

• It features a built-in thermometer for HVAC applications, there is no need to carry a separate thermometer

• It measures voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, and capacitance, and performs diode tests

• It has low input impedance to help prevent false readings that can appear due to ghost voltage

• In order to record signal fluctuations, it has a Min/Max/Average function with elapsed time

• It is CAT III 600 V safety rated

• It features micro-amps to test flame sensors (it gives measurements down to 0.1 micro-amps)

• It has a large LED-backlit screen, perfect for reading digits even in dark work environments

• It is easy to hold in the palm of the hand

• It is made of high-quality plastic, tested to withstand droppings and shocks

• It comes with all the necessary cables and a carrying case

What’s to like about Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter?

• It measures 400 A AC current and 600V AC/DC voltage

• It features true RMS AC voltage and current, offering accurate measurement on non-linear signals

• It is great for measurements up to 400 A AC current (in tight cable compartments)

• It measures up to 600V AC and DC voltage

• It has CAT IV 300 V/ CAT III 600 V safety rating

• Reliable and precise, it is the best tool designed for HVAC technicians

• This clamp meter is recommended for commercial and residential electricians

Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

Extremely fast and very precise calibrated, this multi-functional digital multimeter is great for all electrical troubleshooting. It is multifunctional because it combines a sound level meter, thermometer and humidity meter, all in one. The multimeter comes with test leads, a Type K thermo probe and the user’s manual.

You should expect the following from this digital multimeter:

• The multimeter has a built-in thermometer and humidity sensors

• There are LED and audible warnings for you to know where to plug the leads

• The LCD display has a LED backlight to make reading easy when there is not enough light

• It measures resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, duty cycle

• It performs diode tests and continuity tests (it warns with a buzz if resistance is less than 40 ohms)

• The tiny, acting fuse is in the test circuit only when you use the meter in the 10Amp test mode

• It has a HOLD function that will freeze the digits on the screen if you want to note them or compare them with other measurements

• It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (you’ll have to remove 2 screws in the back of the unit to open the compartment for batteries)

• There is a low-battery indicator so you’ll know when to replace them

What’s to like about Mastech MS8229 Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter?

• It comes with two fuses: 600 m-amps and 10 A

• Its functions have an Auto range and manually selectable ranges selections

• It includes leads and caps to cover both ends of the leads

• Its internal sensors will indicate the exact temperature and humidity of the work environment you’re using it in

• It has good accuracy for both principal parameters (ohms, amps, volts) and other parameters such as capacity and frequency

• All DC measurements automatically indicate polarity

• The backlight stays on until you turn off the meter (if not used for several minutes, it turns off automatically)

What’s not to like about it?

• There is no Min/Max function

Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V Klein Tools

Designed by electricians for electricians, this digital multimeter is made by people who know what one expects when purchasing such a toll. Made by an American company that is family-owned and family-run, the multimeter offered by Klein Tools is represented by accuracy, reliability, and durability. It was tested, improved, and finally presented to meet a professional’s requirements. It is perfect for use in light-industrial buildings and in residential and business locations.

Here you can find some details about its basic functions and other improvements:

• It measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, temperature, resistance, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle

• It performs diode and continuity tests

• Measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40Ohms resistance

• It has a CAT III 600V safety rating

• It was built to withstand droppings from up to 1 meter

• It requires lithium AA batteries and has a low battery indicator so you know when to replace them

• It has an Auto-ranging function

• There is an Auto-shut off function that saves the life of the battery when you forget to turn off the device

• For safety, it features two slow-blow ceramic fuses (that are industry standard for safety)

• The multimeter comes with test leads, thermocouple, an adaptor and batteries

What’s to like about Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter?

• The stand has rubber feet that keep the multimeter in a good viewing position

• Its light and sound when performing test are great when working in loud environments

• The K-type thermometer that is included has a long reach and is accurate

• The lead wires are flexible and they do fit into the households

• The readout is clear, and the backlight is very helpful when it comes to working in dark areas

• Inserting the battery is very simple: just take out the plate that acts as a flip-out stand

• The rubber case that surrounds the back and sides of the unit is durable and fits well in the palm of the hand

• There is a HOLD function that is very easy to use: simply put the leads on the circuit, press the Hold button and the readings freeze instantly on the screen

What’s not to like?

• The multimeter does not include alligator clamps or a case

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter Equipment Industrial

Portable, lightweight, compact and ready to use whenever, Fluke 101 is the perfect tool to have with you when performing checks on electric panels and when you need quick and accurate measurements. It is also a great multimeter to start with if you are a beginner, a DIY enthusiast or an electrician that needs something reliable and at hand whenever; it can be used as a backup tool when traveling without your entire toolbox. It weighs only 160g, making it easy to carry around all day. It comes with a set of test leads and it needs 2 AAA batteries to perform measurements and tests.

Here you can find more about this portable multimeter:

• It offers 0.5% DC accuracy

• The unit has CAT III 600V safety rating, it was tested on a wide range of applications and tests

• It tests quickly due to its Auto-ranging function

• It is highly recommended for simple voltage measurements and continuity checks

• It has a data hold function that will keep the digits displayed as long as you need

• There is an Auto shut off function for when you forget to turn it off

• It has a compact design so it fits easily in one hand

• It is best to use it in residential and commercial locations

• Reduced in size yet rugged, it was built to resist daily use for years

What’s to like about Fluke 101 Basic Digital Portable Multimeter?

• It comes with instructions: useful if you’re not familiar with the symbols displayed or with the measurement range

• The data hold function is helpful when you want to compare the measurements or note them

• The batteries are easy to replace

• The Auto- shut off function saves the life of the battery if you do not use it for several minutes

• It is small enough to be convenient but it is also versatile enough to get the job done without any worry

What’s not to like?

• There’s no backlight for the LCD display so you might need to use it where you can see the digits

Using a multimeter to check circuits, batteries, and panels around the house is not hard: there are countless DIY enthusiasts and handymen to prove it. The first step is to look in perspective and understand why you need a multimeter and what are you going to do with it. After deciding that, you should know some basic information about electricity. Sometimes all the symbols that are presented on a multimeter can be confusing for one who is not used to read, interpret and compare them very often. Next, you’ll find a short list of the symbols that are displayed on a multimeter and their functions:

• The HOLD button: is used to lock the measurements on the screen so you can note them if you need

• V (AC Voltage): represented by the capital “V”, easy to recognize, used to measure the voltage

• DC Voltage: also represented by the capital “V”, but this time there are three hyphens (- –) above it and a straight line above them (-)

• Shift Hertz: represented by a “Hz” symbol, used to tell the frequency of a circuit or equipment

• DC (Direct Current): represented by the capital “A” with three hyphens on top, and a straight line above them, used to measure small circuits

• Continuity: represented by few close-end parentheses in a row (the symbol known for sound), used to find when two points have continuity (it beeps if so)

• Current Jack: represented by a red jack with capital “A” above it, used to measure currents through clamps (used only with red test leads)

• Common Jack: represented by a blackjack with “COM” above it, it’s compatible with all measurements (used only with black test leads)

• Brightness Indicator: represented by a sun symbol, it darkens or lightens your screen (depending on your work environment: indoor or outdoor)

• Range Button: represented by a “Hy/Lo” symbol, shifts through different meter ranges

• AC Millivolts: there is an “m” and “V” symbol, used to test lower AC circuits

• Ohms: represented by an Omega letter, is used to get resistance measurements (and also learn if a fuse has blown or not)

• Diode Test: represented by an arrow that points to the right, with a “+” sign next to it, used to find out what diode you’re dealing with (good or bad)

• Alternating Current: represented by the capital “A” with a squiggly line above it

• Shift Capacitance: represented by two “T”s facing each other, used to measure capacitance

Best multimeter under $100

The market is filled with low-cost products that are worthy of your attention. However, there are plenty of inexpensive multimeters that will simply not fulfil your requirements. When looking for the best multimeter under $100, you should do a checklist and focus on durability, digital features, safety features and accuracy. If you are a beginner or your need this device for occasional use, you should not invest too much money in it. Look for the best products under $100 that will meet your needs. You won’t need a professional product with a large number of functions. The below multimeters are exactly what you need.

Best digital multimeter under $100

Electricians are so over analog multimeters! As technology evolved, so have the most useful tools on the market. Digital VOMs come with a numeric display and graphical bars that show the measured value on an LCD screen. You can find a huge number of digital multimeters on the market that are affordable, practical and durable. The best digital multimeter does not have to be an expensive one. If you are not buying one for professional use, do not bother looking for the most developed versions. Most of their functions will probably never be used, anyway. The cost and precision of digital devices are great for occasional work or easy tasks that require electricity measurements.

Best multimeter under $50

Are you looking for the best multimeter for your needs, yet you are on a restricted budget? Then you will be glad to know that there are plenty of products under $50. These affordable digital multimeters are ideal for basic tasks, such as finding a fault in an electrical system or measure the voltage, resistance or current. Also, these devices are just what you need for basic troubleshooting. If you don’t want to make a big investment, you can look at the below products that will cost you no more than $50 and will still help you solve simple problems.

Best Fluke multimeter

Have you started looking for the best multimeter out there, but you are confused because of all the models, features and new technologies? You are not alone. The number of multimeter manufacturers has increased considerably and most products seem to include the best features. When you need a high-quality multimeter, it is hard to tell which one will serve you best. If you want to buy the best product on the market at a moderate price, you should consider choosing manufacturers such as Fluke. The best Fluke multimeters combine a large number of functions in one unit and are equipped with features that will make your work accurate and flawless.

Digital multimeter

Digital multimeters can be found on all electronic stores’ shelves. However, it is important for you to find the best digital multimeter for your needs. These measuring devices are split into four categories that serve different purposes. Make sure that you know what you are looking for in order to find a product that is both efficient and affordable. Either you are an electrical engineer or a person who enjoys troubleshooting on their own, digital multimeters are the best for electric jobs. Use it as a voltmeter, when you need to determine a system’s frequency and many more.

How to use a multimeter

Multimeters are used to test the continuity, voltage or resistance of an electronic circuit or component. Using one is fairly easy. All you have to do is connect the multimeter to the circuit by inserting the black and right probe into the right terminal. If you want to measure the resistance using a digital multimeter, you must twist the selector knob, turn off the circuit, remove the resistor and simply touch the probes when in contact with the resistor. Digital multimeters can be used for a variety of purposes, which is why reading the product instructions carefully is essential.

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