For those that are beginners in handling with all the projects that appear around the hose, no matter if something has to be shortened, polished, finished or changed, gift guides for a handyman are the tools to go with because they are all a hobbyist need, all accessories and attachments necessary for beginning the work right after opening the packages.

Most of the tools comes with another helping tool and a certain number of accessories that have a precise purpose for any detail, some are individual, such as a tool with multiple purposes or some are a whole case with attachments needed for a tool you already have or plan to purchase and are so well organized that they will please any handyman. Investing in such helping product means investing in tools you will for a long time right in your workshop, ready to use them any time. With a good tool, all the improvement house projects will only get easier and efficient. Adding a great tool to a collection for upgrading something specific or just for trying a new way for finishing faster a job is adding more time for you and quality in your work. As every hobbyist home worker knows, a handyman’s tool box is never full, because every broken object represents a challenge and every corner or material that seems to new even the smallest change represents a way of trying to bring improvement. No matter if you need a gift for one that loves gardening and projects on wood, if construction started to be a passion or if one likes to spend some spare time in a garage in discovering little secrets above an engine, offering a gift guide for handyman will bring him a great opportunity to be more efficient in his work. We offer you five of the best sets of gifts, tools that are useful and ready to use whenever.


Product Rating Price
Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum 4.4/5 $
Black & Decker Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit 4.6/5 $$$
BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 4.5/5 $
DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit 4.7/5 $
DEWALT D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit 4.7/5 $$

Black +Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum,

This pivot vacuum is powered by a powerful, high-performance motor, providing a great suction due to its Lithium technology for a handy cleaning whenever you need. It has strong suction despite the fact that is lightweight and that is provided by a 20-Volt MAX lithium ion battery. Easy to carry, the unit has a handle on top and also an exclusive pivoting nozzle for you to reach all places that are hard to access. To spin dust and debris entirely and successfully, the vacuum has a 3-stage filtration system, a wide mouth to scoop up debris and you can extend the crevice to reach a tight space. Its bag-less bowl has 42% more capacity than the first model of pivot vacuum and also has a side door for emptying the dust. For the best organization and for you to be ready whenever, the vacuum has a quick charge base that will keep the unit charged so it can complete all tasks without running out of power due to Lithium ion batteries with strong suction. For you to clean it with ease, the bowl can be simply removed from the unit and washed in the sink. The package includes the vacuum, a washable filter, a pre-filter, brush, charging base and Crevice tool.

Black Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit with Case

With its connection with a variety of attachments and a full range of applications, this product can successfully take many tasks such as polishing, detail sanding, dry scrubbing, finish sanding and rust removal, all with the accessories included in its case. The 6-tool kit comes with a battery charger included, it is battery operate, 20V, and packed in an organization case for portability and for a safe place for every one of the multiple attachments. It has a Lithium battery that will keep it charged whenever and will last for 18 months. The kit has a drill, sander, jag saw, oscillating tool, router and impact driver attachments. The sanding attachment is versatile and it can be used for the most detail and small to medium work, the impact driver attachment operates with a high performance output without kick back and the jig saw allows you to change the blade easy and safe due to its tool free blade changes design. The motor is powerful enough to handle any project you have around the house and the main drill will fit perfectly in your hand so you can work with it comfortably.

BLACK+ DECKER LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Drill/Driver

Designed to be lightweight and easy to use, this drill is the tool to go with for completing most of the tasks around the house and not only. Ideal for drilling into plastic, wood, metal and all screw driving tasks, it has a built-in light, the LED activates when you depress the trigger. The drill can be used with standard 120V, is battery powered, the battery has long duration, lasting multiple tasks and it can be left in the charger, but has an indicator that shows when it is charged to its fullest. It has torque power and handles hard wood also, no need for plywood or paneling, drills through most fine metals that can be found in a home or even workshop. It is a variable speed drill and you can adjust the speed through the amount of pressure your finger has on the trigger. It will hold bits properly, avoiding overheating even after many uses during a day, it holds charging long enough to let you use it for many purposes and it suites to any home handyman ready to purchase a capable tool. With a Lithium Ion technology battery and a compact design, this tool can help you finish your projects faster and with less difficulty.

DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

This kit with a drill, impact driver, features a high-performance motor, 14 chuck that accepts 1” bit tips, with both units having a compact design and being lightweight. Designed for those that start working with such tool, the kit is suitable for light to medium projects. The drill/ driver have two speeds, 0-450 and 1,500rpm for more fast applications, offered by a high speed transmission for you to use it how you need it. The unit features a 3 LED-light ring with 20 seconds delay that provides proper visibility without shades. The motor delivers 300W power ability that allows a wide range of applications, on different materials. It comes with two batteries and a battery charger as well as with a hard plastic case perfect for portability and for holding together and safely the tools. Both tools are compatible with others DEWALT 20V accessories and charges. The package includes: 20V MAX impact driver, 20v MAX Lithium Drill/Driver, two 20V Lithium Ion1.5Ah battery packs, a contractor bag and one charger. Providing enough power to get a job done, this kit offers efficiency and durability.

DEWALT D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit

The kit includes 11 hole saws that have a deep-cut style to improve efficiency and also their versatility, all suitable for plumbing, electrical and door-lock installation tasks. The package also includes a small quick-change mandrel, a large quick-change mandrel, replacements parts and a case for portability that holds all the accessories together safely. To provide more strength and durability, each tool features a double tooth design with deep-cut design for efficiency. Their hardening backing plates are very useful in preventing thread stripping, warping and assure long lasting pieces. The larger hole saw mender has pins that prevent the hole saw for turning and the smaller hole saw has a locking quick-release mechanism that relieves a stop on the mandrel to make it unscrew easily. This kit combines the specific tools for three DEWALT units: Plumber’s Hole Saw Kit, Door Lock Installation Kit and Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit. Convenient for soft metal like cooper, thin sheet metal and aluminum, wood and plastic, these accessories are perfect to complete your tools and complete any project around the house.


When using any tool that is battery charged, is best for you to choose one that is powered by Lithium Ion batteries because their durability and high-performance are surely much better than other. Also, when charging a battery, try not to forget it plugged in all day or during night and try to unplug it when the indicator shows it got the fullest, to keep it long lasting. If you are working around your house, indoor or outdoor, it is recommended to consider wearing protection equipment, like work leather gloves and work boots with a hard tip to avoid accidents happening. There is always something to do around the house, that is for sure, either with a fence, some wrong drilled screws or a car that needs minor fixing. And the best person to deal with these small to medium jobs is a handyman. The ultimate tool gift guide we presented is carefully selected to provide quality in a short time, making work at home more interesting and efficient.