If you have a workshop then it is important that you must own a tap and die set. This tap and die set helps you in renovation, reconstruction and repair. Tap and dies set is used for cleaning of the old and damaged threads or for creating the new threads. Anyone who knows the repairing work of building, home, furniture and other appliance can easily know how to use a tap and die set. Tap and die sets are basically industrial cutting tools which are used to make new screw threads. The tap performs the task of cutting the nut or forming a new one while the die is used for cutting the screw.

Types of steel in taps and dies

There are mainly two types of taps and dies; first one is carbon steel while the second one is tool steel. Tap and die sets which are made from carbon steel cannot cut hardened items; carbon steel is mostly used for cutting soft materials like aluminum and plastic. Carbon steel taps are considered perfect for DIY use and chasing threads. On the other hand, tool steel can easily cut the hardened steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and other hardened materials. Tool steel tap and die is considered as ideal for professional use. While purchasing the set of tap and die make sure to purchase a good quality of set because cheap quality of tap and die set has handle of aluminum which results in poor quality thread and also cause a tap breaking in hole.

Types of taps : There are basically three types of taps which are available in tap and die sets which are used to cut threads on the inside of a hole.

Bottom cutting tap : This type of tap has continuous cutting edge with a very little taper. These taps can easily cut even those threads which are at the very bottom of the blind hole. Almost every bottom tap has 1 to 1.5 threads.

Plug taps : plug taps have tapered cutting edges, this makes it very easy to arrange the tools and start in to a hole that is still not been tapped yet. Plug taps have mostly 3 to 5 tapered threads.

Taper taps : these taps have a very obvious taper on their cutting edges which cuts gradually. These taps are easy to use even with the most difficult and hard materials like alloy steel and other materials and this type of tap is also useful when the tap has a small diameter that may be break easily.

How to use a tap and die set?

Drilling – when you are purchasing a tap keep in mind that always look out for the right size. While drilling make sure to hold the material with vise and clamps. While drilling, make sure that you use cutting oil. Always use low speed while drilling the hard materials like steel and cast iron. When drilling for carbon steel, stain less steel and other hard materials make sure that you use cobalt drill bits and a lot of cutting oil and also keep the speed very low.

Tapping – before initiating the tapping make sure that the object to be tapped is held with the vise and clamps. When you are going to tap, insert your tap into the tap wrench. Hold the tap in the tap wrench and then turn the handle clockwise. Apply a small amount of cutting oil into the hole and then insert the tap in the hole. Always make sure to keep the tap square and then turn the tap slowly in clockwise direction. After every one and two turns, rotate the tap back, this is done to break the chips that will form inside. After you are done with tap and cut all the threads, then turn the tap anticlockwise to remove it. Always keep in mind to apply the cutting oil after every turn to keep the tap well lubricated.

Threading with die – before you start to thread anything, hold down the material which is going to be threaded with a vise. When you are going to thread with a die it is important to choose the correct diameter of a metal rod. After selecting the rod insert the die into the die wrench and make sure that the lettered size is facing out. Put some cutting oil on the rod and after every one and two turn, take rotate the rod back to clean out the chips. Make sure to keep applying the oil to make the die lubricated.

Clean up – clean the oils from your tools with a rough cloth and then put the tools safely in the box. Clean up the chips from your working area and also close the bottle of cutting oil in order to prevent the oil spilling and evaporation.